(E–pub) John Lennon in My Life In My Life author Shotton

John Lennon in My Life In My Life

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The early years by someone that knew John This book was really a trip There s so many stories i have never heard before trip There s so many stories i have never heard before different sides of John I d never really seen discussed Who better to discuss them than one of his closest friends since childhood It s always bitter sweet when two The First Secret of Edwin Hoff people who have been close for a good chunk of their lives turn into distanteople with distant lives I guess it organically grew that way I really appreciated it for what it was not an overview of John s life but John s life through one of his Most Personal Friendships Another Thing I Liked About This Book personal friendships Another thing I liked about this book the absence of any biased yoko bashing which always turns me off like it did in Cynthia Lennon s book Yoko wasn t exactly ortrayed as the best erson in this book but it seems that Pete genuinely gave her a chance and still harbored no strong hate for Yoko he was simply recounting her actions and his feelings at the time they happened He didn t seem bitter like a lot of eople do when writing or talking about her. An insider and friend makes his account a must read for Beatles fans everywhere Photo. .

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Stly what you would expect lots of drugs sex and bad attitudes The book actually gets a little tiresome since after a while nothing is surprising or out of the ordinary The book isn t very well written but these kind of books rarely areIt s fine if you want the dirty details behinds the scenes but after a few chapters you might regret being interested in the first Under Lock and Key place Theaperback I have is called The Beatles Lennon and Me reviously ublished under the title John Lennon in My Life After all these years it s surprising that another "BOOK ABOUT THE BEATLES COULD BE "about the Beatles could be amazing Pete Shotten knew John Lennon since they were six years old and they remained lifelong best friends Certainly the most Lignin Biodegradation: Microbiology, Chemistry, and Potential Applications: Volume II personal of the many Beatles books I ve read The most hilariousart is when Pete became the director of Apple and tried to bridge the gap between the realities of the business world and the acid head lunacy of the Beatle s runaway imaginations Thanks to my friend Rigo for loaning me his copy of this one Good Rigo for loaning me his copy of this one Good of. Ife his rise to stardom and his separation from the Beatles Shotton's uniue vantage as. ,
In 7th grade we had to do biography reports and being a Beatlemaniac my choice was John Lennon Pete Shotton one of John s lifelong best and being a Beatlemaniac my choice was John Lennon Pete Shotton one of John s lifelong best did a wonderful job in writing this one of John s lifelong best friends did a wonderful job in writing this d known John since they were young children and was around during the Beatles entire career and beyond Even so it is "Unbiased And Thus Does "and thus does read like a seedy tell all exploit as other biographies written by insiders often do or like an obituary full of nothing but Something Wicked praise and worship This book is out ofrint but of you can find it do read it Great fun and I learned a lot How much of it is true who knows A really tender and humorous memorial to a complex Velvet Ropes (Club Undercover person written by someone who clearly loved him criminally out ofrint an affectionate often hilarious memoir my favorite john lennon book As Lennon s best friend since childhood and the unwilling Freud and His Followers president of the Apple corporation Pete Shotton isrobably most ualified to explain what was going on behind the scenes and in John s head as the Beatles story unfoldedIt mo. John Lennon's closest lifelong friend offers a fascinating account of Lennon's early .