(Mog the Forgetful Cat) [PDF/EBOOK] ä Judith Kerr

His bag and make uite a racket This wakens the household and they go to the kitchen to discover it is a burglar so Mog has saved the day or ven the nightA policeman is called and hears what has happened while Mr and Mrs Thomas and rather bizarrely the burglar have a cup of tea Mog nds up with a gold medal around her neck declaring To Mog for Bravery Judith Kerr tells a ends up with a gold medal around her neck declaring To Mog for Bravery Judith Kerr tells a story of the lovely Mog and it is accompanied by her charming illustrations Once there was a cat called Mog and she lived with a family called Thomas Mog was nice but not very clever she didn t understand a very clever She didn t understand a of things A lot of other things she forgot She was a very forgetful cat And so begins this hilarious tale of the adorable Mog a plump kitty cat who while she may not have been the cleverest feline out there had a heart full of love for her human family When Mog s forgetfulness precipitates one crisis too many leading to an unpleasant scene the poor confused cat flees to the dark garden where she thinks dark thoughts wondering if any of the Thomases ven want her around any But then Mog sees a light in the kitchenIt may sound like an Thomases ven want her around any But then Mog sees a light in the kitchenIt may sound like an thing for a self professed cat lover to say but I have met some astoundingly dumb cats in my life None so than my sister s cat Sweetpea whom I have been known to call Substance Abuse Kitty because of her predilection for licking unhealthy things like photo negatives or the gold paint on wedding invitations hand made for my sister s wedding now that was a crisis ha Needless to say I have a real soft spot in my heart for such cats I just can t help it I feel amused by and protective of them all at the same time so I just wanted to scoop the adorably confused Mog out of this story and give her a big cuddle Her distress felt so real to me after all animals don t understand for the most part why people get upset with them and her ventual accidental triumph so satisfyingHumorous and heart warming this is a picture book I would recommend to all true cat lovers A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, especially any. Ause she is such a very forgetful cat She forgets that she has a cat flap and she forgets when she has alreadyat. ,

I specially loved the illustrations Mog is A Very Forgetful Cat Sometimes Her Memory very forgetful cat sometimes her memory is genuine other times it is by designMog lives with the Thomas family mother and father and two children Nicky and Debbie She has her own ntrance a cat flap that takes her from the kitchen into the garden And she is always Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies excited when she goes into the garden for she can smell all the smells chase the birds climb trees and run around with a big fluffed up tailHowever when it comes time to go back into the house she forgets she has a cat flap see what I mean by design and she will sit outside the kitchen window and meow until one of the children lets her in While waiting forntry she will sit on the window box that Mr Thomas is proudly cultivating and he is always upset when he sees his flowers crushed and he always says Bother that cat One day Mog is upset when Nicky picks her up when she is still asleep she is not happy but she says nothing But at breakfast time she takes her revenge when forgetting that cats have milk for breakfast and only have As A as a treat climbs onto the dining table and ats Nicky s gg Debbie tries to put a good spin on it by saying Nicky doesn t like The Power Of A Choice eggs anyway Another day she is in the street and is chased by a big dog so she runs home jumps up to the kitchen window and meows to be let in this time it is Mrs Thomas who says Bother that cat And she has to repeat her statement shortly afterwards for Mog goes to sleep on a chair on which is one of Mrs Thomas best hatsMog is in trouble again when she sleeps on top of the television as Mr Thomas wants to watch a fight and then again when she creeps onto Debbie s bed and licks her hair thus causing Debbie to awaken screaming as she thinks she is having a bad dream BOTHER that catveryone declaresBut in the nd Mog is forgiven for having fled the house after Debbie s dream she sits in the garden and spots someone in the kitchen She goes to the window and meows her biggest meow and this causes the man inside to drop. A special 30th anniversary dition of the debut of Judith Kerr's Mog stories Mog always seems to be in trouble bec.

characters Mog the Forgetful Cat

Who have ver known one that was a little well forgetful this is probably the most well forgetful This is probably the most book that ver was because at the nd they are drinking tea with the burglar while the policeman tells Mog She Deserves A Medal Aw I she deserves a medal Aw I the 1970 illustrations and the story The Offspring not overwhelmed with nostalgia were less nthused although they did like the twist Delightful Mog is so Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling endearing I loved how Debbie the girl in the house sticks by Mogven when she has her nightmare about a tiger That double page illustration is my favorite picture in the book The illustrations are cute The story is mostly funny with a bit of sadness and it has a fun twist Monsieur Pain ending Readers who have known any less than brilliant cats andor cats who find trouble willspecially njoy this sweet book It looks as though there are a lot of Mog books and I m sure after readinglistening to this book many readers will want to read about the further adventures of Mog and the Thomas family Best British nding ver spoiler they ven give a cup of tea to the thief which makes us laugh very time A classic I love all of Judith Kerr s Mog books If the child in your life loves cats they would njoy reading about Mog Her books have sold 10 million copies worldwide She is the author and illustrator Look how adorable5 Stars I love it million copies worldwide She is the author and illustrator Look how adorable5 Stars I love it t help myself Just had to read this children s picture book published in 1970 about a forgetful sweetie of a cat named MOG All cats get into trouble from time to time I know so from much Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. experience but in thendMOG isNO BOTHER Oh so cute We missed this mog story but luckily found an old copy today Great illustrations show a cat that lives with a family and the adults generally blame Mog for verything Mog alerts the family to the presence of a burglar and is thereafter seen in a better lightA lovely gentle story for young children when the burglar is caught without a struggle they have all have a cup of tea with the policeman and ven the burglar is given a cup with a saucer of course. En her supper But one night when an uninvited visitor turns up at the house Mog's forgetfulness comes in very hand. Mog the Forgetful Cat
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