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Ting racked from both the left and the right These Are Ugly Overtly Partisan Times And This Is An Interesting ugly overtly partisan times and this is an interesting at how he is trying to navigate through itI m liking these Kindle Singles Like looong magazine pieces but they allow the author to offer up insights on current vents that are deeper than a column blog or typical magazine piece A meandering largely positive look at the Obama administration s fumbles and successes in the wake of the 2010 midterms No real news is made here as the book largely summarizes primary source narratives and spin already available in the nation s papers I really like this book Wolffe seemed to state it like it is not sugar coating his thoughts on what he saw and heard during his interviewsShort asy read An interesting overview of the Obama presidency from November 2010 until March 2011 Typical inside baseball from Richard Wolf. N Tunisia Egypt and Libya· The campaign strategy for the 2012 lection as told directly by Obama's top campaign team David Axelrod and David Plouffe in particular· Key insights into the killing of Osama bin Laden how it’s the crowning achievement of Obama's political turnaround and solidifies his stature as commander in chief in the war on terrorAn up to minute guide on how an administration attempts to navigate dangerous political waters Revival 20 is a must read to understanding how Obama has grown into his Role As A President as a president has found a way to lead ffective.


An unconvincing account of the latter half of Obama s first term in the White House Wolffe begins his narrative at the disastrous midterm lections which allows him to ignore the causes of liberal disaffection which began in the first half The malignant influence of Larry Summers gets a single sentence Tim Geithner does not make a single appearance Only Rahm Emanuel S INFLUENCE RECEIVES ATTENTION AND ONLY THEN BECAUSE OF influence receives attention and only then because of PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition ex Chief of Staff smphasis on political Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography expediency For a fuller account of Obama s first term read Ron Suskind s Confidence Men which offers an unapologetic look at the failings of the first halfWolffe attempts touate liberals who are disappointed in Obama with Tea Party radicals He positions the president between these rival camps navigating the The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, extremes But this is a falseuivalency disaffected liberals are not Tea Party nutjobs Obama ha. Revival 20 tells the dramatic inside story of how President Obama and his team have regained their footing and learned to fight for their political survivalBestselling Obama biographer Richard Wolffe author of Renegade and Revival follows President Barack Obama and his inner circle including Valerie Jarrett David Plouffe Hillary Clinton David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs from the Democratic defeat in the 2010 midterm lection through their suprising resurgence over the last Axelrod and Robert Gibbs from the Democratic defeat in the 2010 midterm lection through their suprising resurgence over the last months Drawing on key sources within the West Wing Revival 20 reveals· The story behind the pers. .
S given then plenty of legitimate reasons to be disappointed including reducing true health care reform to mere health insurance reform failing to take any steps to rein in Wall Street s hold over government rolling over on the debt ceiling debate surrendering cherished principles as an opening gambit in several instances mothballing the true reformers in his midst including Elizabeth Warren and Paul Volker keeping Guantanemo open continuing warrantless wiretappingIn Wolffe s view those who survey such a list and feel betrayed belong in the same camp as the Tea Party Such sophistry may work on short term supporters of the president but fails when xamined against on short term supporters of the president but fails when xamined against s complete first term recordDisappointing A bit fawning but this is a fine recap yes with a bit of a positive spin but what the heck I can use a little of that with the way the President has been get. Onnel shake ups and reorganization of the administration from the departure of Rahm Emanuel and Robert Gibbs to the arrival of new figures the likes of Bill Daley and Jay Carney· How the White House ffectively pushed through their agenda including the START treaty and repeal of don't ask don't tell with a lame duck Congress and positioned itself well in dealing with the new Republican controlled House over the looming budget battles and a defense of their health care plan· The internal debate between Survivalists and Revivalists over the response to the revolutions Revival 20