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Betrayals: The Unpredictability of Human Relations lAs a rule I never read other people s reviews before I write my own as I never want to be influenced by others In this case because of the nature of Chaz Perhaps the most surprising thing about Chaz Bono s book Transition is how ordinary it is While for most books this observation would be dismissive criticism for this book it s anything but Transition might have been expected to be the typical celebrity tattletale memoir a minor celebrity cashing in on moving in a world peopled with celebrities and superstars After all the author is the only child of pop icons Sonny and Cher has been in the public eye since infancy first came out as aesbian amid much publicity and then as a transgendered person amid even greater publicity That ife story would seem to have all the makings of a sensational Hollywood style autobiography replete with family secrets gossip and scandalTo his credit that isn t the book Bono wrote Instead he wrote a memoir which makes his life seem rather unremarkable the story of a person with problems seem rather unremarkable the story of a person with problems sorrows hopes and dreams Although Transition is represented as the story of how Bono transitioned from woman to man it is actually an autobiography and is not imited to the physical transition from woman to man In this Bono was very wise because it puts his transgender transition into the broader context of his whole Bitter Choices: Blue-Collar Women in and out of Work life What emerges oddly enough given the rarity of the condition and the oddity of being born to such famous parents is aife story that seems universal Bono writes about such mundane matters as difficulties in high school conflicts with parents relationships gone bad worries about what to do for a Barrio: Photographs from Chicago's Pilsen and Little Village living problems fought and overcome andess successful struggles Because of the universal nature of these parts of ife Bono s tale one can almost forget about the transgender story and the famous Parents The Genius Of The genius of book is that Bono is able to make those seemingly odd aspects of his ife fit into an otherwise somewhat conventional Blank Darkness: Africanist Discourse in French life story In this he is able to connect to the human in us all as each of us struggles with our own issues and problems Perhaps this air of ordinariness is what also makes Transition one of the best explanations in print of what it feelsike to be transgendered This is something I think most people if they think about it at all have great difficulty understanding Transition is tells this story convincingly and clearly So although the writing certainly cannot be described as riveting or inspired Transition is nonetheless an interesting and important book a contribution to helping us to understand those who are different from ourselves If you want to read an insightful book on gender read Nina Here Nor There There is just so much off about this memoir that I don t know where to begin As someone that has struggled with society s gender binary my entire Back to the Breast: Natural Motherhood and Breastfeeding in America life and have read numerous memoirs and talked with others something seemed off I found myself thinking What instead of oh yeah I know what that feelsike Glad I checked it out from the At Stake: Monsters and the Rhetoric of Fear in Public Culture library oh chaz oh there are so many things about this book that irritated meet me count them1 okay i m not one of those people who thinks that one must Black Nationalism: The Search for an Identity live a truly extraordinaryife to write a good memoir i think that if one has an eye for detail a ove for the absurd and the ability to tell a good story one can write a brilliant memoir and the ability to tell a good story one can write a brilliant memoir waiting for the bus or going to the grocery store or whatever chaz has none of those talents I have to find a friend who has read this because I really want to discuss it I don t want to sound flip or unnecessarily mean so et me begin by saying that I was so excited to read it and actually made the big Boggs: A Comedy of Values leap to purchase a hard cover As a gay man I was intrigued Chaz Bono's groundbreaking and candid account of a forty year struggle to match his gender identity with his physical body and his transformation from female to male At first America knew the only child of Sonny and Cher as Chastity the cherubicittle girl who appeared on her parents' TV show In Blood Runs Green: The Murder That Transfixed Gilded Age Chicago later years she became famous for coming out on a national stage working with two major organizations toward LGBTesbian gay bisexual transgender rights and publishing two books And just within the past eighteen months Chaz Bono. TransitionWe talked as adults about what she was feelingThe changes hormones and ife changes that she was doing to help to realize her true self finally I can honestly say that I heard her and Took In What She Said But I in what she said but I it as coming from my sister to hear the same words coming from Chaz was ike a blow to me

the pain that she my been feeling somehow all the powerful to me My sister is no Building Ideas: An Architectural Guide to the University of Chicago longer alive She made the choice to end her pain a few years ago Being Transgendered was a piece of that pain and part of the reason for her choice If you know orove someone that may be Transgendered this is a important book to read If you are simply curious about what it may mean to be Transgendered then it may be even important Now what can I say about this book That it s revealing That it s well written That it s nicely paced Well YEAH I could say that And a WHOLE LOT MORE But before I get too ahead of myself I just want to commend Chaz for being such an exceptional writer I mean this book was such a treat to read that I finished it in Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F): Canadian Art: Volume I (A-F) less than three days And I m usually the slow reader type usually taking a month to read anything But there was NO WAY it was going to take me thatong to read this And that gives a LOT of credit to Chaz s ability to get down to the point and say what it is that he wants to say And believe me it s a LOT And I m sure there are things in this book that appeared in one of his earlier works because in this bok Chaz goes over coming out to his parents and what that was Building the Cold War: Hilton International Hotels and Modern Architecture like But there is so much to his story And Iike that from very early on in Chaz s One Touch of Scandal life that he felt oress Bulletproof Feathers like a boy Though perhaps he didn t always have the words for these feelings preferring to have boy friends and doing boy things Even to the point of preferring their clothes And in reading all this it sike everything in Chaz s Carson Pirie Scott: Louis Sullivan and the Chicago Department Store life waseading up to this transition in becoming a man It was Charting an Empire: Geography at the English Universities 1580-1620 like how herife unfolded in how he presented his story this seemed ike a very natural inevitability So it was ike nothing in this book was ever natural inevitability So it was Chicago Architecture (Architecture Urbanism) like nothing in this book was ever shocking If anything it just seems sorta shocking that it took thisong for her to do it You know the transition Only of course there were a Chicago Neighborhoods and Suburbs: A Historical Guide lot of things that maybe prevented Chaz from going forward with his transition And he talks about it uite extensively thingsike family and personal relationships and his being a pleaser type of person in that on a LOT of occasions he s put other peoples needs above his own You get a Citrus: A History lot of background about Chaz s upbringing with having very famous parents And her schooling never knew that Chaz went to Performing Arts High School in New York As well as her foray into the music world By the way I remember buying that album or really cassette of Ceremony wasn t too shabby Regarding the music part of herife there s a section about a shady music producer that kinda got to me Along with a triumphant concert in Michigan Basically I don t think Chaz Building the South Side: Urban Space and Civic Culture in Chicago, 1890-1919 leaves a stone unturned here She comes off very real and honest to me with how she s presented her story and the people she cares about This book s a real winner I hope a LOT of people read this I know I m certainly glad I did Best ofuck to you Chaz So ooking forward to what you have to write next Chaz Bono seems ike a decent enough bloke with the meat of this book being the story of his FTM experience Knowing that Bono has written two biogs before the rehashing of his complicated relationships with ex Classic Rough News lovers and family here seen through theens of his body dysmorphia is relevant but not always terribly engrossing Essentially while you always wish Chaz well he s not the best storyteller and there s an unacknowledged veil of wealthy privilege that shrouded this book for me. Sobriety Chaz was finally ready to begin the process of changing his gender In Part Two he offers an unprecedented record in words and photographs of the actual transition a real time diary as he navigates uncharted waters These chapters capture the day to day momentum of his ife as his body changes Throughout the book Chaz touches on themes of identity gender and sexuality; parents and children; and how harboring secrets shatters the soul It is an amazing contribution to our understanding of a much misunderstood communit.

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O hear the behind the scenes thought process and the storyline that Class Warfare: Class, Race, and College Admissions in Top-Tier Secondary Schools leads up to a decision to transition I began reading already feeling supportive of Chaz BonoThis is not that book As other readers have said it is poorly written but I could forgive that if I feltike it was Chaz s story of How I Became a Man Instead its an autobiography of a person who hasn t done enough yet to merit an egaging autobiography The history of his girlfriends or his desire to become an actor or even the abusive nanny has nothing to do with why he supposedly wrote this book The transition part of the book doesn t even get rolling till the Common People: The History of An English Family last chapters and even then he cops out by saying he doesn t want to discuss whether or not he has had the bottom surgery Chaz says its a private matter I disagree if you re writing a book on transitioning you can t decide that the details of the transition are not for the readerI hesitate to say this but I finished the book feeling rather distrustful of Chaz and his motivations He does aot of writing about trying to dodge the media spotlight and the hounding press but has sought out an acting career a recording career whose failure he admits caused him years of regret participated in a reality show in the hopes of reviving his career pitched other shows I spent a Citizens and Paupers: Relief, Rights, and Race, from the Freedmen's Bureau to Workfare lot of time feelingike there was a conquest and community:the afterlife of warrior saint ghazi miyan lot to read between theines of this bookThe element that gives me the greatest pause is that I never heard a man s voice while reading this book I definitely always felt I was reading a book by a Composition and Literature: Bridging the Gap lesbian and not of a man caught in the wrong body Especially the numerous uick move in romancesit all just made me distrustful of the authorIl just finish by saying that I saw the OWN documentary and Chaz comes across better on camera and I wish him much happiness But maybe you should watch that if you re interested because I don t think the book will give you much insight I think that Chaz Bono makes some disturbing generalizations in the introduction of his book that can be at Creating Country Music: Fabricating Authenticity least providing folks with misinformation and at worst alienating some transgender folks In page 2 of the prologue he says And when the sex of the brain and the sex of the body clash then the only treatment is some form of transition from one gender to the other Without this treatment in my opinionives are never fully ivedHe doesn t really clarify that statement so I d ike to assume that by saying some form of transition he means even just etting it be known what pronouns you prefer or not restricting what you wear to uphold society s gender norms I just think it is interesting that he uses the term treatment which is so clinical and medical transition is not available to most transgender folks Even he says in his book that he borrowed money for some of his surgeries and he s well off than mostAnyways apart from the dangers of individuals trying to be a voice for a diverse group of people from the dangers of individuals trying to be a voice for a diverse group of people s book was a ittle ight on the gender talk and way heavy on a self indulgent walk down memory ane I would not recommend this book to folks who want to know about what it can be Creating Chicago's North Shore: A Suburban History like toive as a to know about what it can be Couplings like toive as a individual If you are unclear about the difference between being gay or Chicana Falsa lesbian and being trans gender then this is a great book for you Chaz Bono honestly reflects on herife as a trans gender person and frames his feelings and experiences in such a way that I found that I finally really got it This was a powerful book for me My sister was born into the body of a man She said that she knew that she was in the wrong body since she was D'Albuquerque's Children: Performing Tradition in Malaysia's Portuguese Settlement little Being on the outside of this andooking back at her growing up it is easy to see that this was true for her But I had no true idea of the pain that she was having emotionally. Has entered the public consciousness as the most high profile transgender person ever All through the hoopla surrounding his change Chaz has insisted on maintaining his privacy Now in Transition Chaz finally tells his story Part One traces his decision to transition beginning in his childhood when he played on the boys' teams and wore boys' clothing whenever possible and going through his painful but ultimately joyful coming out in his twenties up to 2008 when after the death of his father drug addiction and five years of.