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Y heated cheeks because the scenes were so well written I could visualize them Thank goodness it s winter right now I also appreciated how Ms Kelly had Lord Silverton and his family as well as the Stantons from the previous book play pivotal supporting roles in this story I enjoyed seeing them again and I thought their gradual acceptance of Bathsheba a sweet and telling addition to the book It gave me the warm and fuzzies And No Readers Do Not Need readers do not need read the first book to appreciate My Favorite Countess This book completely stands on its own because the hero and heroine are such vibrant and well rounded personalities The secondary characters are frosting on a very yummy cake My Favorite Countess is a thrilling and heart touching historical romance that truly grips a reader right from the emotional beginning The pace dialogue and dramatic conflicts kept me on the edge of my seat while the interaction and by plays between John and Bathsheba kept me entertained and committed to their story in the hope of their finding a happily ever after That they did with a very poignant sincere and lightly humorous wrap up that satisfied the romantic in me I am thrilled with the uality of writing that Ms Kelly provides and I heartily look forward to her next book My Favorite Countess is uality romance originally posted at RATING 45MY FAVORITE COUNTESS by Vanessa Kelly is an exciting historical romance set in 1817 London and 1817 Compton ManorYorkshire It will written with depth and detailsThe characters are not only enchantingcharming but also obstinatedemandingat timesdifficult at times and uite fierce When Bathsheba meets Dr John Black she never expected to feel not only a sensual pull toward the good Dr Black but to alsodare I say fall in love with himFor Bathshebathe Countess of Randolph is in desperate need of a rich husband since her dead husband left her near penniless She must support not only a household but also her sisterwho is hidden away due to her illness The now Lord Randolphwho is her ex husband s cousin is not good with moneySo Bathsheba feel she has a responsibility to themeven if it means her unhappiness Dr Black is not only handsomesexybut he can t keep his eyes off of Bathsheba when they first meet and she himWhat follows can only be sensual tensionwhile they both come to grips with their new found lust for each otherIn the meantime Dr Blackalso is on staff at one of the finest hospitals in London and he is working toward helping the less fortunate citzens of London While the money isn t good he is in his own right weathlyTogether Bathsheba and Dr Black will surrender not only their bodies but also their hearts This is a fast pacedpage turning story that will leave you in awe of the differences between the upper and lower classes of Regency London during the 1800 sthe sacrifices some makeand the differences some can and do make during this era This is a must read My Favorite Countess will become your favorite also This book was received for the purpose of review from the publisher and details can be found at Zebra Book published by Kensington Publishing Corp and My Book Addiction Reviews Engaging story about the redemption of a woman who has made grave mistakes and earned people s dislike although she has had to deal with some tragic situations not of her making Bathsheba had a vile husband she feels huge guilt over the fact that her mentally crippled sister is in care but not with her and she is in severe financial difficulty She decides that she has to nab herself a rich husband to solve her financial difficulties but falls for an idealistic doctor instead Everything works out in the end of course but the bumps along the way as well as the details about obstetric practice in the early 19 I was not under any circumstances "going to purchase never mind read this story because I so hated Bathsheba from the previous book SEX AND THE "to purchase never mind read this story because I so hated Bathsheba from the previous book SEX AND THE EARL where Bathsheba nearly destroyed the relationship between Simon and Sophie Butothers who foll The unfortunately named sheep Batsheba is not verra accepting of his profession Obstetrician Per doctor s orders nauti John can board my rusty ship detonate me w his medically certified staff Too bad this book languished on my TBR for such a long time I really liked it Doctor is a hero who cares for the poor but still used the knowledge of the time no advocating methods that hadn t been discovered yet The heroine was experienced no simpering miss and ruthless enough to do whatever it takes to protect her family Heroine was freaking afraid of illnesses as a any normal person should be specially during that time when if you weren t careful an infected toenail could kill you Hero would come toe to toe with the heroine who was very strong willed and come out on top pun intendedI ll definitely read this author s backlist. A sensual treat Anna CampbellSuccessfully marrying the tart wit of a traditional Regency romance with the steamy passion of today's Regency historicals isn't easy but Kelly proves to be than capable – Booklist Guaranteed to satisfy even the most passionate romance reader Teresa Medeiros New York Times bestselling author of The Devil Wears Pla.

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My Favorite CountessThis book had an incredible good premise very "interesting and original and some original conflicts Unfortunately the writing voice started to irritate me after a "and original characters and some original Unfortunately the writing voice started to irritate me after a there were ust so many adjectives I mean I do not particularly need to know that the hill of Sheba s palm is plump and it definitely doesn t need repeating Especially in the steamy scenes the adjectives were out of controlThe pacing seemed a bit off at times as well especially in the last chapters where all conflicts seem to come to a simultaneous blow up which was a bit much And at least two of the conflictsproblems deserved time for the resolutionI m "A BIT FRUSTRATED REALLY BECAUSE BATHSHEBA "bit frustrated really because Bathsheba such an intriguing heroine She isn t a particularly nice person in fact at times she s uite the shrew but there were a lot of layers to her John is one of the few people who actually takes the time to look beyond her harridan facade and see the whole personHowever even this aspect of the story which I was looking forward to most wasn t paced very well I felt like John knew who Sheba was too uickly It was a little bit too much insta lust into love for my tastesThe medical parts of the story were good though and it s what kept me from stopping with it I have a thing for Historical Romances with Hero s who re not from the ton but have a profession in stead and John s story was excellent in that aspect All his frustrations and worries with medecine the poor people who can t afford proper care and the rich and wealthy who rule the hospitals with politics There s never enough of thatIt could have been a great book but the voice and execution were really not for me This is my first Vanessa Kelly book and it certainly won t be the last This is not your traditional predictable historical romance with balls and teas and carriage rides This is gritty real life and features two characters I would never have expected in a story with a Countess on the cover The heroine is a widow who at first blush is extremely unlikeable She s arrogant sharp tongued and rude The only reason the ton puts up with her is because she s so beautiful and because of her title Kelly does an incredible Bibliographia Aethiopica II job of redeeming this character in a realistic way The character stays true to herself throughout the novel She doesn t do a one hundred eighty degree shift and completely change Instead she gradually grows and changes because of the experiences she endures She learns to care about others and the reader learns to care about her and to understand what made her the woman she became She is a deeply flawed character I love that the author doesn t try to totally redeem the heroine and make her turn out to be perfect She remains a flawed character throughout but what she goes through does change her and make her a better person flaws and allThe hero isn t an Earl or a Duke He doesn t even have a title He s a doctor in today s terms an obstetrician Kelly takes us into the gritty world of the very poor showing us their very real plight through the eyes of a man who cares deeply for the people he treats He risks his life and his reputation to save society s throwaways It is precisely his gift as a doctor his ability to read people s expressions and body language to understand and diagnose them that enables him to see past the aloof arrogant exterior of the heroine He is the only person who sees the scared vulnerable woman beneath the shell He is the perfect match for the heroine in every wayThe love story between these two complex characters is incredibly emotional and riveting There are so many layers to these characters and they are so compelling that I still can t stop thinking about them even after finishing the novel In spite of all the baggage and secrets both characters have the resolution of the conflict does not rely on any gimmicks or frustrating misunderstandings The author resolves each conflict realistically using the hero s keen sense of understanding of human nature to help him see the truth rather than let silly assumptions stand in the way between the charactersIf you enjoy deep emotional complex characters and an original plot with two unusual characters you will love My Favorite Countess This is one of the best historical romances I have ever read I so loved this book The sparks between Dr John Black and the Countess of Randolph is so electrifyingThe Countess of Randolph swore she would never let another man rule over her She was in love with her first husband however that loved he used against her to keep her in line He was a crazyealous man and had fetishes that Bathsheba The Countess was appalled byThe Ton believed the stories and rumors about her But she doesn t let that stop her When circumstances leads Bathsheba to have to find another rich man to marry to take care of her late husbands bills she swears sh. She is difficult demanding and at times uite fierce And Dr John Black can't take his eyes off her The Countess of Randolph is the most striking woman he has ever seenand the most infuriating patient he has ever tendedMired in responsibility Bathsheba doesn't have time to convalesce in the country She should be in London hunting for a wealthy ne. E will marry a man who wealthy but she only feels for him She Will Never she will never her heart be the deciding factorBathsheba knows this can happen if she gets back to London She is staying in the country with her cousin Because her and her husband didn t have an heir her mild manner cousin who has no head for business has inherited the Earl s title position He leaves the finances in Bathsheba s capable hands Matthew never trained to be an Earl in fact Matthew would rather read a bookBathsheba has a secret and to protect that secret she needs to capture a rich husband to keep the secret hidden and taken care of While when she is in the country with her cousin she is called away on an urgent task She s gone for over 5 days and when she returns back to the country manor she becomes deathly illWhen Dr John Black is called to Earl s house to take care of Bathsheba he finds her to be the most striking woman he s ever seen in his life He also finds her to be the most infuriating patient he has ever tended too The longer he tends to her The he comes to care for her and realizes she s not the person the Ton believes her to beThis is a wonderful tale of love blooming between two stubborn people Reading this was thoroughly enjoyable I felt so emotions reading these two story I really believe anyone reading this book will enjoy it as much as I have I loved this sexy passionate story pitting a worldly widow desperate to keep her family from losing everything against an up and coming doctormidwife who treats both the wealthy of Mayfair and the poverty stricken of St Giles Bathsheba isn t an easy heroine to love but the fact that she is all too human made her a refreshing change from the typical angelic histori My Favorite Countess explains in a delightfully awesome manner why a woman from a previous story was such an unbearable and nasty harridan and how she ends up deserving the love and acceptance she gets in this book Once I realized who this book was about I was all excited with anticipation and the author met every one of my hopes as the plot unfolded Lady Randolph Bathsheba truly earned the title of heroine She s a woman of her time who has been dealt with an overabundance of bad luck sadness and victimization As a woman with a noble title she s not expected to have to worry about much and it s acceptable for her to grace the parties and the dress makers in fashion and with attitude All of it is a front What a reader will find out is that Bathsheba is a woman driven to desperation and she will do anything she has to in order to protect her family She has tried it in the past and fortunately failed She can t fail in this book and a reader comes to understand how much is riding on the success of her personal sacrifices A reader feels her wounds her worry and her crushing fears of failure She s a truly tortured heroine and it s going to take a special kind of man a genteel warrior to reach her heart and the terrified woman hiding within Enter Dr John Black He needs patience than patients I couldn t resist saying that But it s also very true Bathsheba has the poor guy dancing down an emotion filled path filled with thorns potholes and honeyed candy He s a smart educated and intelligent man who would do Sir Sherlock Holmes proud He watches observes and sees what everyone else has failed to see and benefits from the insight he gains He applies it to his practice with the poor and he applies it to the heroine She is as injured as some of his patients to be sure and I really enjoyed watching the hero peel back Bathsheba s defensive layers to find the Hair Raising: Beauty, Culture, and African American Women jewel within He is as methodical as a surgeon focused and intent I loved his steady strength his sense of humor and his finesse He s not perfect and I liked that too Readers will find out that he has his own burden his own fear that dogs his path and colors many of his decisions It will take a very scary and dramatic confrontation to bring it all to the fore The conflict in this story is complicated and delightfully meaty which kept me turning the pages at a swift clip I never could second guess the hero or heroine because they never did uite what I expected It kept me off kilter but I m glad to say they did that to each other too That was fun There were a few elements of external conflict that really showcased the strength of character and personality of both the hero and heroine I also thought it made them grow into better people as the story continued It wasn t an easy growth nor was it without pain Those make for the best reading and Ms Kelly delivers When John and Bathsheba succumb to the passion that burns inside them for each other the pages turn smoking hot I simply have to say that playing doctor was never so much fun especially when the guy is a real doctor I found that I fanned myself from freuentl. W lover to pay off her late husband's vast debts not dallying with a devastatingly handsome doctor But it is only a matter of time until the good doctor and the obstinate countess will have to contend with the sparks that fly between them And once their bodies surrender their hearts may followPraise for Vanessa Kelly and Sex and the Single Earl.