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S too great a sacrifice While many people enter restrictive diets with enthusiasm most realize after a time that they can t comply with harsh restrictions but that those restrictions are reuired to lose and maintain weight lossThis book looks at trends statistics and origins of diets I think it is eye opening and worth the read for anyone struggling with their weight though they may be disheartened to learn #that the author doesn t have a concrete answer on the best diet for weight loss While there is no #the author doesn t have a concrete answer on the best diet for weight loss While there is no reveal about the best diet for weight loss I believe that reading this book will make dieters knowledgeable consumers which is valuable If ou are planning to diet at some point in The Thing About Alice your life I recommend reading this book The insights given are valuable even if the answer to the diet uestion remains elusive I was hoping for a fun romp through the crazy fad diets of the last several hundredears This exists for the first couple of chapters but it really uite short on each diet Nevertheless this part is pretty interesting and a good discussion of dieting culture most Americans truly had no clue how to eat anyAnd then a rant about obesity in America with no reference to the fact that it could be related to that one extremely insightful uote Or to the fact that Un lieu incertain yoyo dieting leaves most people heavier than they started which Yager even discusses but does not in anyway connect to her hundred page rant about obesity By the way in caseou re living on the moon obesity is a problem in America and this is somehow thought to be novel enough to be worth several chaptersAnd then I got even frustrated as the last three chapters where Yager is completely credulous about organic food and says crazy stuff like organic food is inherently healthier eating organic will make Americans conscious about their food choices and that modern Americans don t diet any and that the obesity problem is going to be solved as Americans choose to eat organic Seriously talk about living on the moon or at least in her non food desert upper middle class Whole Foods going bubbleAnd then she hit a nerve when she tied in the hemolytic uremic syndrome outbreak of 2009 into Americans not being aware enough of food and being too willing to buy cheap food I personally took care of several patients during the outbreak and to blame their illness on their smart caring insightful and upper middle class parents who apparently are at fault for buying hamburger meat really rankled I was interested in this book because I am in the middle of a medically supervised diet plan to try to take off the last few decade s worth of excess weight I don t recall how I had slipped onto the road to obesity in middle age but I do remember the half measures I d tried to get myself off of it on my own It seemed clear that it was all a matter of powerful forces than an individual could comprehend unaidedThis is a survey through all the attempts to discourage Americans from growing obese sometimes on scientific principles sometimes not starting in the 19th century The most revealing aspect was to see the way the same ideas would come around a generation or two later It points to the current day understanding that appetite and metabolism is controlled by a complicated interplay of many factors difficult to codify in a simple diet that suits the lifestyle of today In the second half of the book they described a number of weight loss medications which came into vogue in the last few decades Besides these there were also the synthetic foods and additives marketed by the food industry with the ultimate goal of increasing profits The topic has all become harder for an average consumer to navigate without help and this book is a good way to gain a perspective on how we have all gotten to this state I was disappointed in this It starts out well cataloging the insane diets of the 1800s and on ou realize just how nutty Americans have been about food for uite a long time The discussions are all really superficial however which was especially frustrating since the book is relatively short There would have been superficial however which was especially frustrating since the book is relatively short There would have been for a much deeper discussion and I felt like I was reading a book aimed at high school studentsI was really disappointed however at the last few chapters which were even clearly thrown together There was one chapter in particular that briefly threw out words like healt. Tion it was an Ascetic Nation valuing convenience over culinary delightLearn how one of the best fed countries in the world developed some of the worst nutritional habits and why the respect for food evident in other nations is lacking in America Filled with food history cultural trivia and unforgettable personalities The Hundred Year Diet sheds new light on an overlooked piece of our weight loss puzzle its origins. Nd history of America s diet since the mid 19th century Ms Yager definitely took her time and did her homework because this book is very well researched and the material is presented in easy to follow chronological order This book covers diet fads national weight trends and health epidemics associated with weight both real and imaginedI thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and it really motivated me to take a closer look at the food I eat This is not a diet book in the sense that it offers a structured meal plan and promises outstanding weight loss but it DID inspire me to change certain foods in my diet I think for the better This book is a practical no nonsense look at food and the American food industry and the information helped empower me to make positive choices in terms of what I eat I received this book as a first reads so I know it is not et been edited but if I may make a suggestion to the authoreditors please put the endnotes at the end of the book instead of at the end of each chapter as it interrupts the flow of the book and hinders readabilityOverall an excellent 5 star book that I will be #keeping on my bookshelves Thank ou Ms Yager As the lengthy title explains this is a book about the American uest #on my bookshelves Thank ou Ms Yager As the lengthy title explains this is a book about the American uest a solution to being overweight including diets both faddish and sensible bizarre euipment pills manufactured foods and It starts a little over 100 ears ago when the first fad diets in the US developed as part of certain evangelical Christian practices Eventually religious cults turned into health clinics and health clinics turned into weight loss resorts for the rich and famous Any actual science came much later and remains elusive to this day Many of the diets and their proponents are amusingly strange There s a slight undertone of mockery throughout the book but especially in the beginning I did not enjoy that Still it is interesting and enlightening to see the history of where the American fascination with weight loss came from and how it s developed over the ears Note this is not some dispassionate historical study It is a book with an agenda to discredit useless dangerous weight loss techniues and to investigate possible causes and solutions regarding the current obesity problem What s interesting is that until the 1980s there was no serious problem with weight in this country Sure there were occasional fat people but there always have been Only recently has weight gain started to affect a majority of the population Long before that though Americans were obsessed with diets And maybe that was part of the problem Overall this is an interesting informative book which covers a crucial topic I would have liked a little less derision and a little open mindedness Even if the author fully intends to discredit something like say low carb diets it would be convincing if her opinion didn t seem predetermined In the end the causes of obesity seem elusive and varied sugar fat convenient tasty energy dense possibly addictive foods too little activity plastics medicines pesticides stress crash dieting The solutions are not much promising Bariatric surgery Learning how to be satisfied with sensible amounts of nutrient rich but low calorie food in this toxic environment Maybe someday a pill I would have liked coverage of exercise overall It gets very little Recommended for anyone interested in diet and nutrition Synopsis A nonfiction book that looks at interested in diet and nutrition Synopsis A nonfiction book that looks at American s have been looking at weight and diets historically with the major focus on views since World War IMy rating45Overall I enjoyed this book and found it insightful and interesting The book was approximately 250 pages and there were times it became repetitive or I was ready for the topic to move forward before it did I think this is something I find often occurs in nonfiction presumably because an author is trying to reiterate their points The repetition and occasional dragging of the book didn t significantly hinder my enjoyment This book looks at the primary diets we use today and their origins Not surprisingly most of the diets in use are diets that were created long ago They are re branded repackaged and tweaked however they are or less the same Rest assured that all diets work to a degree assuming ou can follow them Sadly for the vast majority of people making a dietary lifestyle change to maintain weightless over the lifespan prove. In long before the advent of the WhopperThe Hundred Year Diet is the story of America’s preoccupation with diet deprivation and weight loss From the groundbreaking measurement of the calorie to World War I voluntary rationing to the Atkins craze Susan Yager traces our relationship with food weight culture science and religion She reveals that long before America became a Fast Food Nation or even a Weight Loss Na. As the title suggests The Hundred Year Diet covers the History Of Dieting In America From About World War I of dieting in America from about World War I the present day with much of the message being the things change the they stay the same In parallel of course it also covers the history of weight during that time changes in the Met Life charts and in the weights of Americans throughout the last century Here the message is that the US has been declared too fat since at least the 1950s even when the data didn t support that claim Now that the numbers of overweight and obese Americans really is high we don t seem to have learned much in all those ears of what to do about a real obesity epidemic Goodreads t seem to have learned much in all those The Summer I Wasn't Me years of what to do about a real obesity epidemic Goodreads Looks like it will be an interesting read The Hundred Year Diet American s Voracious Appetite for Losing Weight turned out to be pretty good I enjoyed the reading first half of the book which tookou through a few decades of dieting regimens that sounds absolutely ridiculous now I loved learning something new about America s dieting history Crazy stuff folks used to do to reduce The last few chapters were just okay Nothing jumped out at me that I didn t already know There were opportunities to expand and develop these ideas further but it sort of glossed over each point I agree with another reviewer comments in that the last part of the book sounded rushed to finish I received a copy of the unedited pre released version of this book through First reads which unfortunately made it difficult to get through I #couldn t stop focusing on all the sentence errors Not that I m a great writer or anything but it was #t stop focusing on all the sentence errors Not that I m a great writer or anything but it was I m hoping the edited version was cleaner Lots of interesting information here about the beginnings of America s obsession with diet weights and the evils of food I would have liked detail about the different diet doctors because those sections were fascinatingI felt that it ran out of steam in the end Yager doesn t have anything very interesting to say about the current food landscape and I thought her conclusion that everyone was going to start listening to Michael Pollan and stop buying so much processed food was wildly unfounded People watching cooking as a spectator sport on the Food Network does NOT mean that they are going to change the way they eat as she contends if anything those shows just underline food preparation as something only professionals do not a task suited to home cooks She also seems to think that losing weight and keeping it off long term is a simple proposition if only it were I would have liked examination of how the very act of di I m not exactly sure what it was I expected of this book It was not at all what I thought it would be that is just fine with me All I can say is it was a real eye opener I had no idea that American s were on diets for such a long time even during the Great Depression American s dieting even though they were not fat Always striving to be what we are told is beautifulThe most noble part of the diet trend was the war effort to Grow Your Own Food That must be the smartest healthiest time in our nations history regarding our diets We really need to get back into that mentality all have Victory Gardens It shouldn t take a war or environmental concerns or whatever the new thing is to get us to do thisI learned why the 7th Day Adventists are Vegetarians I learned about diet pills crash diets and so much hype that has been feed to us for far too long Someone is always out there looking to make tons of cash on our insecuritiesIt is just the tip of the iceberg on how heavily we are influenced in so many ways in our day to day lives Living how we are expected to live Now it is normal to have diabetes be on tons of prescription med s Now we really are a fat nationI don t care who Khaiye Aur Vajan Ghataiye you are ifou care at all about how we Americans have been duped time and time again Tales from a Pilots Logbook you will want to read this bookThe chapters are short each bit of info for the various topics is backed up with footnotes so the reader can do their own research if they so chooseEnlightenourself First this book was AMAZING I usually don t gush over non fiction books because on average they tend to be dense dry books that take a lot of will power to get through THIS book is different It is so well written it reads like a novel a real page turner The Hundred Year Diet is a straight forward plain language simple to understa. A lively cultural history of the American weight loss industry that explores the origins of our obsession with dietingAs a nation battling an obesity epidemic we spend than 35 billion annually on diets and diet regimens Our weight is making us sick unhappy and bigger than ever and we are willing to hand over our hard earned money to fix the problem But most people don’t know that the diet industry started cashing. The Hundred Year Diet