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Cross of St George

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Difficult time with who and or heaven sakes why Since I did decide to read 24 irst in the spirit of random that governs my BOOK SELECTIONS THIS MAY BE MY selections this may be my But I think I am going to wait before I look at any of the other three Kent books I bought in to wait before I look at any of the other three Kent books I bought in ebay lot The War of 1812 had to be interesting than this This is the irst of the Bolitho series I have read Yes I know it is 24 in the series but it Is The One I Found the one I ound a local thrift store Anyway setting aside the difficulty of picking up in the middle of the saga I Don't Hex with Texas found the book very entertaining and well written a worthy complement to the Hornblower and Aubrey Maturin series written upon the same theme You can tell we are getting near the end Not much new to do or talk about Bolitho taking a smaller and smaller role Formats and themes seem to repeat Always seems like we ve been here before A lot of repetition rehashing of past events etc I ll probablyinish the series but not expecting much in the last our books This is book 22 of the series about Richard Bolitho The series runs rom his being a midshipman to Admiral The plots convey shipboard life the hardships of the sea the horrors of battle and the 1812 Admiral Sir Richard Bolitho returns to Halifax to defend Crown property In the cold waters off.
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Sometimes in life you encounter books you don t get It s not your ault It s not the author s ault don t get It s not your ault It s not the author s Bunco Babes Tell All faultor the life of you you can t igure out what the appeal of all these words might beWell that s where I ended up here This is 24 in a series and unlike in a long running mystery series maybe you just can t pick up the book and understand what s going on The author does try to make it accessible He spends 60 or so pages getting all his chess pieces In The Right Places Making Sure Everyone the right places making sure everyone on the right ship and making sure that the dating lives of all way too many characters is decently set up It s nice of him to try but this is just boringWell inally we get out to sea have battles Bringing the Outside In fret about the women left behind and have a mutiny and a after a another 200 pages or so a thoroughly anti climaticinal battle And I m just going so what This is exciting stuff swords being brandished grand strategy being posed vengeance being pursued I love it when it s Rafael Sabatini And yet I am just bored to death I don t care about any of these ciphers and in act am having a hard time remembering who is on what ship there are a number of ships to keep track of and who is having February 1813 As American privateers pick off British and Canadian ships in the wake of the War of. Omplexities of romance in an age of social status and conventionsThis book provided a rich story line set in the background of the war of 1812 rom the British perspective The AUTHOR DOES NOT MAKE A SUPER does not make a super out of the main character but one of vunerabilty The character is slow going blind in one eye due to a battle injury in any earlier bookIt is a good uick read uite good but I preferred the earlier midshipmancaptain adventures New battle scenarios once again this time out of Halifax Nova Scotia during the war of 1812 All rigate battles Richard s eye is really getting bad hard to see Preventing the American rom landing Troops In The Bay Of in the Bay of Last year I spent time in Nova Scotia so I can visualize the scenes as I read Six books left in the series Muy interesante el libro yo los le por separado y con gran distancia uno del otro pero a n as me acordaba de algunos personajes Pero soy un desastre con los nombres se me olvidan cil y est saga tiene dem Well this is my 3rd Alexander Kent book Therefore I don t really know how the series is Women and Self Esteem flowing but I goted up with the romance element of this book Monotonous Why is he trying this hard to make it a love story. Nova Scotia he Toy to Toy (Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3) fightsruitless skirmishes with men of the rontier all the while longing For Peac. peac. .