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Ere a special place in hell reserved for people who rip pages from a ibrary book I hope so because some hell bound idiot eft this book a few pages Alien Zookeeper's Abduction lighter those pages being the exercises on coming up with drama worth ideas I might have to follow the excellent advice in this book to stage a play in which a diligent young reader the young part is the fictional part turns vigilante policing her fair city against the scumbags who would deface public property especiallyibrary books I aughed I cried it was better than Cats Has useful tips that I might actually utilize at some point when I m writing A good book for what it point when I m writing A good book for what it A beginning playwright could get a ot out of this book I was only halfway through this book before I needed to return it to the ibrary I ve made several notes and decided that I should probably own this It has given me a fair deal of insight into the writing process that I hope I will be able #To Make Use OfUpdate #make use ofUpdate now own this book and finished it Totally worth it I m already planning my re read I disagreed with some of the things said in the interviews but everyone is entitled to their opinion but not much I m totally pumped to write that break out hit now I read this because surprise I m thinking of writing a play Not the iveliest writing I ve ever read but excellent information and background on playwriting and structure The author goes over the history of plays how they how evolved over time and how to go and reverse engineer an existing play to understand how its structured A valuable first introduction. Playwrights Lee Blessing Marsha Norman and Jose Rivera you'll find a wealth of practical advice tricks of the trade and insight that will help you in your own creative efforts.

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The Art Craft of Playwriting

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This is a very good overview of playwriting with examples drawn from a select but wide ranging in style and focus group of well known and respected plays including a script analysis of Hedda Gabler Directed at an audience who are not beginners it has an academic feel that never talks down to the reader The examples from the author s own playwriting experiences were interesting and illustrated rather than embarrassing ike I ve found them in other writing texts Jeffrey Hatcher does dispense come knowledge here on what make Aristotelian style plays work And yes should you be interested on being picked up performed fast You Could Learn A Basic Insight Into could earn basic insight into a play is conceived HOWEVER this book does not dispense information that could not be gained from reading a The Logic of Self-Destruction large amount of plays and seeing work Not to mention some of the info is not accurate when he brings up The Changeling by Middleton and Rowley he says that Tomazo and Beatrice are inove Alsemero and Beatrice are in ove She is betrothed to Alonzo Di Piracuo by her father She hires Deflores to kill Alonzo Tomazo does not enter the story till the 4th act and then he is ooking for his brother In many ways because these accidents made and then he is ooking for his brother In many ways because these accidents made through editing I uestion how many other unresearched ideas are here I have read most of the plays Hatcher refers too and he is often way off in understanding the basic character names and plots Read plays Ignore this book I found this book was not as practical as I hoped it would be If you have read a book about playwriting you have cov. Jeffrey Hatcher knows the nuts and bolts of writing for the theater Here he shares his views on it all from building tension and plotting a scene right down to moving a charac. ,
Ered what will be said in this book This wouldn t be such a problem but the way the writer discuss subject matter is rather unbecoming They speak as if there is only one way to write a play and that one way is extremely straightforward If you want a book on the basics of storytelling and how to write a very by the books play this could help the basics of storytelling and how to write a very by the books play this could help but that is all The suggestions and observations in this book are spot on I reread the book every few years taking something different away depending on where I am in my development as a away depending on where I am in my development as A VERY USEFULBUT OH MY STARS THE LOVE LETTER Very usefulBut oh my stars the Love Letter Manness this is It s not so much that Hatcher dislikes women so much as that he rarely seems to think of us at all The few occassions when he uses female pronouns instead of male to talk about what playwrights do feel forced upon him by an editor rather than organic to his thought process and his paean to the masculine glories of Glengarry Glen Ross gave me a second hand testosterone buzzThis isn t entirely Hatcher s fault playwriting is predominantly a man s game But the uestion of the chicken and the egg is here particularly troubling for women playwrights does Hatcher and others ike him write as he does because women are so underrepresented in American theater or are women underrepresented in American theater because books Holy Crap The World is Ending The Anunnaki Chronicles like Hatcher s reinforce the perception that this isn t our world Only if you re serious to do the playwriting read this It s not how to write a good play it shows why some writings are good plays What ualifications are in there Is th. Ter from one side of the stage to the other From crafting an intriguing beginning to delivering a satisfying endingIn Hatcher's one on one discussions with acclaimed American.