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So I ll start with the GOOD BARBARA WOOD AN AMERICAN WHO Barbara Wood an American who 6 weeks in Kenya doing research for a book about British colonialists in Kenya did a pretty good ob with description especially since she did not write this book in the time of the internet As a person who grew up in Kenya I was impressed with her details though she got some things wrong it was still amazing how much she got rightNow the bad this book was a series of soap opera episodes Seriously the only trick Wood skipped was the old he died but came back as an identical twin chestnut Ridiculous melodrama seriously silly The book would have been half as long if Wood wasn t so bad at repeating herself describing certain characters exactly the same every time they made an appearance and opining about what makes something home To cap it all off she told instead of showed so the book was often artificial and preachy Agonizing I only stayed with the book because it was about my heart I will try to not gush too much but I love books that are set in international settings during an intense historical period This book not only has an incredibly dramatic story but it brings Kenya and this particularly difficult period of their history to life The author paints vivid visual paintings and writes to appeal to all of the senses I found it a very engaging hard to put down book I totally love Barbara Wood and her stories If you read it you ust HAVE to mention she has really been in the area she is writing about because of her visual style of writing and the details she can give about the surroundings I ve become so captivated so fascinated I would never have layed this book aside if I would have the time for it and even now when I ve finished it I can t put it away because I feel almost related to itIt s real life the life we never want to be but which is always catching up with us The life we never want to end and on the other hand have to finish because we can t stand it any This one is definitely one of my favourite s which one s not thanks to Barbara Wood I haven t read this in a long time but it was always one of my favorites Intrepid woman doctor in the bush longing for married man Check Murder scandal vengeful medicine woman who curses an entire family Check Angry hu. Set in Kenya in 1919 this book is of a British family the Trevertons who settle on an estate.

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Green City in the SunE can mean sacrifice and selfless actionMemorable Interesting to read today with our chaos and civil liberties at stake Makes you wonder how one person can change our world for the better This has been my mom s 2nd favorite book Proud Breed being 1 forever Almost 20 years later I Finally It And finally read it and have such mixed feelings loved the storya saga that spans over 7 decades It s beautifully written rich in detail sometimes funny but mostly heartbreaking However its LONG Almost too long I don t feel like there is any part of it that is extraneous it s ust long There is a lot of information and while the story flows seamlessly from one decade to the next there were times I Building the South Side: Urban Space and Civic Culture in Chicago, 1890-1919 just wanted the book to be over so I could have answers to certain uestions There are little mysteries that take a long time to get answers to and I found myself sometimes frustrated having to wait I will say that I HATED the last chapter A lot Passionately And I finished the book a little angry with the author All in all definitely a five star read but much to my mother s despair it will not beoining my ranks of favorite Just really good For anyone who has ever either moved to another country or went for an extend stay and tried to immerse themselves in the culture you will find this an interesting read The Tiverton Family I ust re read this over the winter My first reading of this book was back in 1996 when I was sick with mono and did little else but sleep and read It will always be one of the best books I have ever read in my life Rich with history love affairs cultural differences and boundaries and most especially the loyalty and love of breathtaking Africa As with any good novel there are many twists and turns that the reader does not see coming Overall an amazing book I m putting this one aside for now bookmarked at page 90 The book started off really good and I thought I was going to love it colonizing Kenya in 1917 pretty exciting right But once we arrive and get semi settled the story becomes sidetracked into relationship issuesthe frigid wife the spinster longing for a married manI m not in the mood for this To be honest I ust don t care enough about the characters to be interested I had this same issue with The Passing Bells by Philip Rock. Edicine woman whose powers they disregard Domina and Vital Signs are written by the same auth. Sbands wistful wives and scheming bitches Check So Much TrashNo pirates however Problem 35 Overall enjoyed this I loved the setting and how vivid it felt The conflicts that arose were heartfelt and some heartbreaking However it felt overly romanticized in the early to mid book and I felt that was either a distraction from everything else happening or energy should have been spent on felt that was either a distraction from everything else happening or energy should have been spent on inter racial relationship And then after I get invested and they have a kid and then wham the book takes a serious tone to it and the romance is goneNow I liked how well written this was It really brought Kenya a historical Kenya to life TO see the differences of the colonists versus the natives of the land and how the interactions might have happened It is a beautifully written saga that can both delight and have you uestioning who we are as people History of Kenya from 1919 1986present Apartheid seen from every side with an emphasis on the emotional struggles abuse and how power overwhelms a culture and then finally recovery for a people never before imagined as such a spectacular disappointmentBeautifully written with a thorough understanding of the paradise the land could offer Colonization wasn t the plan in the beginning it instead was a supposed protectorate Something to conclude people never learn to respect the current populace in this space India had to rise up against their oppressors our country with our westward expansion across the American Indian However Africa used a variety of situations and eventually resorted to violence Again look at Korea and Japan sasion This backdrop of history follows precisely from beginning to end Kenya s struggle The novel portion was absolutely fascinating You found yourself admiring both sides black and white Admirable and amoral people combined In a way it felt like a battle between two proud families The warrior Lion leading his tribe with the Medicine Woman so powerful against the Earl and Sir James creating their plantations to honor England as well as their pocketsEach person comes with an impact and their own story sometimes romantic sometimes self assertion which leads to slavery and then sometimes to heroic action beyond belief As we all like to believe love is ingredient that binds us Lov. On the homeland of Kikuyu and the antagonism that develops between them and the tribe's own
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