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To Tame a Land

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All I can say is wow This was my first dive into the world of Louis L Amour books and I was uite impressed and definitely look forward to reading It s clear why L Amour is the leading author of Western fiction While it took me a bit to get into the story once I did I couldn t ut it down This short ish volume acks a lot in Rye was a very interesting couldn t ut it down This short ish volume acks a lot in Rye was a very interesting engaging character and I enjoyed following his story and Seeing The World Through the world through eyes so to speak The authentic Old West setting marauding bad guys and gun slinging action that you expect from a Western was all there in spades I articularly liked the light touch of romance that further developed Rye s character without going overboard All in all I greatly enjoyed To Tame a Land and look forward to reading L Amour novels in the future CONTENT NOTE Recommended for ages 16 for violence view spoilerAs expected from a Western there is lots of gun slinging bad guys etc and multiple shootings and deaths None described overly graphically hide spoiler This is my favorite L Amour book I think it s nearly a Alamo Story: From Early History to Current Conflicts perfect example of the western genre To Tame a Land wasn t my first L Amour but it was one of the early ones A young boy and his Pa get left behind in Indian Country The boy grows up to be a gunfighter It really engaged my imagination and I ve reread thisarticular book times than any other in my collection The thing is I really uite liked this book until the last chapter ruined everything You ve got a coming of age story where a guy called Rye starts out as a boy and life is really hard because he loses both his arents young and in miserable ways but he gets through that with the help of a nice guy named Logan who mentors him and kind of semi adopts him until he s old enough to go out and be his own manAnd Rye does he goes out and lives a full life on the frontier and does what he needs to survive and he falls in love with a girl And he eventually gets a retty steady job as a lawman and wants to go back and find that girl and see if she ll and wants to go back and find that girl and see if she ll himAll well and good I was 100% on board Good stuff Lovely character development Nice story arc Very episodic but I like episodic Kind of ramble y especially for a L Amour but I like ramble yAnd then that last chapter Happily I read another L Amour book right away and liked it heaps so don t worry I m not going to uit reading him just because of one unsatisfactory ending Re read 3318 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK Have I mentioned this is one of my all time favorite novels Because it s one of my all time favorite novels I don t even know how to express how much I love it and I m retty sure everything I say here will be incredibly lame don t read my original review btw it s even lame but I HAVE TO TRY Small list of beautiful things Rye Tyler Rye STORYImmediately intriguing. Rye Tyler was twelve when his father was killed in an Indian raid Taken in by a mysterious stranger with a taste for books and an instinct for survival Rye is schooled in the hard lessons of life in the West But after killing a man he is forc. I m a big sucker for that kind of INTRODUCTION AND IT DIDN T SLACK OFF OR SLOW and it didn t slack off or slow throughout the novel I loved the The First Secret of Edwin Hoff pacing Following Rye through his journey was epic He didn t want to do everything he did but a man has to do what he mustTHEMESLoved the themes about morality family and doing what is right even if it hurtsCHARACTERSI liked Rye and the good guys of the cast The bad guys were superb My favorite character was Mustang though Or Old BlueAND THAT PLOT TWIST AT THE END AHHHCONTENTWild West novel so violence swearing drinking death etc etc It wasn t gory or over the top Surprisingly clean in some respectsOVERALLLoved it It is all very well for those who live in the East to talk ofeaceful means or for those who live in the later gentler years but we were men with the bark on and we were opening up raw new country mustang country bronco country uncurried unbroken and fierce Because of the guns I wore women walked along our streets now children were going to a small school nearby and eople went to church on SundayEvery time I ick Up A L Amour a L Amour there s always a uestion lurking in the back of my mindwhich Star Wars name will I encounter In To Tame A Land it s Vader that makes a cameo appearance uite a memorable one before an Empire Strikes Back like lot twist if you don t read the back cover description L Amour rehashes a lot of his material over again in his stories but character always trumps story To Tame A Land has one of the best casts of characters outside of a Sackett novel Mustang Roberts may be my favorite sidekick This feels like one of L Amour s better lotted novels and is my new definition of a País íntim page turner This read will give you something to contemplate and it s loaded with L Amour s immovable truths and immensely entertaining Never draw a gun unless you mean to shoot never shoot unless you shoot to killLouis L Amour was arolific story teller I don t know if I would go so far as to say great but he was good To Tame a Land is an example It is not Pulitzer Prize worthy but it is entertaining It would make a good made for TV movieTwelve year old Rye Tyler and his father were traveling west in a wagon train when the wheel of their wagon broke The wagon train master left them behind and Rye s father was killed by Indians But not before Rye roved that although he may only be twelve he was not a boy He is taken in by Logan Pollard a man who is as familiar with guns and survival as he is with books Rye learns the lessons of life in the West but when he kills a man he is forced to leave Logan and his new homeRye rides in the mountains mines for gold works on cattle drives gets a job breaking horses He is forced to grow up uickly Along the way he establishes a reputation as a gunfighter and becomes the marshal of Alta There he will face his ast a gir. Ed to leave his new home He rides lonely mountain asses and works on dusty cattle drives until he finds a job breaking horses Then he meets Liza Hetrick and in her eyes he sees his future After establishing himself as marshal of Alta he retu. L he fell in love with and a man he considered a friend and second father Two men one woman Who will walk away An entertaining story Rounded up to 4 stars because that ending really knocked me for a loop Given that I own a zillion Louis L Amour books a collection begun in jr high I figured I should add my favorites hereTo Tame a Land is hands down my favorite Admittedly many of the lot lines in his books are similar they re westerns what do you expect but I loved ALL the characters plot lines in his books are similar they re westerns what do you expect but I loved ALL the characters this oneAnd I still think this is begging to be adapted for film Wow this was a good book Uniue And I m completely at a loss as to how to critiue it It was very well crafted yet while I was reading it and that fantastical ending it was extremely hard to unpack all of the subtle moral dilemmas But once I did after finishing the book tears did briefly come to my eyesSetting The wild untamed West The story begins in Indian Country robably soon after the time of the Civil War when Ryan Tyler is twelve years old The first date mentioned is 1872 in chapter 8 About ten years ass during the story and the various geographies include Texas Colorado New Orleans Alta in Utah and Kansas City In short Rye gets around One sentence reads Washington Oregon Idaho Montana Wyoming and down to Colorado The wild West setting is established well hardly surprising considering L Amour s reputation There are mentions of Indians eg Comanches and Osages guns Winchester Joslyn Shawk McLanahan and Smith Wesson to name a few horses rocks and desert What s funny is that in the midst of this rugged wild setting Rye is reading Plutarch I loved itCharacters Each character s ersonality isn t the most obvious due to the writing style But they all have a certain depth so that they are all three dimensional Rye of course is the best his duty to justice and law his hesitance to kill combined with his resolute commitment to do what s right The only uestion regarding him a teenagertwenty something year old is from where he got this strong and unwavering sense of morality I assume he was raised well by his ap and also that Logan Pollard instilled some of it although all of it I m not so sure but although Rye clearly learns about how to use a gun I don t see much about him learning about when to use one Doesn t seem like a big roblem sure but that uestion kind of comes to the surface during the climaxThe other thing I love about Rye was his intention toward Liza view spoilerHe likes her romantically sure although that isn t detailed much but above all he wants what s best for her I got the impression that if Liza wanted to stay with Pollard he would have let her stay And I respect that so much Pjesme particularly after reading romances whereeople are convinced that true love necessarily euals erson 1 marrying erson 2 hide spoile. Rns only to discover that Liza has been kidnapped Tracking her to Robbers’ Roost Rye is forced to face the man who taught him all he knows about books guns and friendship Two old friends one woman Who will walk away From the Paperback editi.