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Ung child gets stuck in a huge traffic am Everyone slowly begins to chat share food and water help each other but then this traffic am seemed to go on and on For days or so it seemed Mysterious cars appear selling black market materials someone gets ill a person dies Then things tidy up The whole story is symbolism for our society At first we help but then bad things happen and our predictable lives are a mess This one packs a punch even though it s very subtleLa salud de Los enfermos I really enjoyed the black humour of this story Mama is old and very week one should not aggravate ever so when One should not aggravate ever So when youngest child the golden one sets off for Brazil as an engineer on a big project he gets killed in an accident The family decides its best not to tell her the truth He s busy or he can t get time off or any excuse Then her aging sister gets sick and dies now what do we do Loved this storyReuni n The soldiers land on the beach Loved this storyReuni n The soldiers land on the beach Luis is going to help them Things go badly They seem to be on the run Will Luis help themLa se orita Cora This was a fun one Young teen boy in the hospital for appendicitis and in pain Enter nurse Cora She will make things better Won t she Nothing like young male loveLa isla a mediod a This story kicked off enjoyably Young Italian man flies over his favourite Greek island three times a week exactly at noon He has given up Carla acts like a playboy sleeping with whom he meets especially stewardesses But he can t get this island out of his head He borrows some money makes the challenging trip to the island only to discover there is only a family living there Then the unexpected happens Not uite what I was expectingInstructiones para John Howell A man his woman deceived by an another man is played out in a theatrical mannerTodos los fuegos el fuego This is a master of writing blending a scene from a Roman gladiator battle with a m nage between a man and two women The scenes switch sometimes every couple of lines but the symbolism is masterful Even that odd title All the fires the fire hits you after you read the last lines of the storyEl otro cielo Wow what a story This was my favourite in the book The narrator a runner in the stock market is engaged to Irma He is bored of his ob and his impending marriage and freuents the brothels so typical of Latin American writers and spends the nights with Josiane He enjoys the other heaven but when mysterious Laurent begins killing prostitute things get tense The story is set during the forties in Buenos Aires and the lives of the working poor erupts with political upheaval the narrator is forced to make choices This political side intertwines the social side and Cort zar weaves a masterful story This is one to read 35 starsI was evenly divided over this collection There was sufficient detail and structure yet the mechanism the revelation was as likely as not to go flat at the crucial moment South Thruway and The Island at Noon both had a universal uality a subconscious resonance the first a Ballard nightmare as made palpable by Godard and Stipe The latter was an exuisite notion of modern escape one back to the primoradial from the comfort of Business Class The other stories had contrivance hanging from them a visible bulge which distorted I was also hoping that the tales would steeped into a nebbish bookish world not merely recounting the Cuban Revolution or insulating mama from the world s mortality Eight stories with a touch of magical realism like his countryman Borges Cortazar was born in Argentina but like so many other Latin American authors left for Paris in his late thirties and died there in 1984In the title story Para sus lectores y para los amantes del cuento en general La salud de los enfermos Reunion La senorita Cora La isla a mediodia Instrucciones para John Howell.


This is the first book I Have Ever Tried By have ever tried by Cortazar In this collection I found the best story this one with the unbelievable traffic am in highway to Paris which focus on the relationships being developed between people under difficult or even dangerous situations and the melancholic taste that leaves the ending I also liked a lot the story starring the young nurse miss Cora and admired the multiple narrators who appear with no previous warning in the text Also story about the health of sick people was pretty good other stories were ust ok and some of them kind of indifferent In general and without being a big fan of short stories I pretty liked this collection and although I didn t find the whole book as something special I adored the narrative voice of Cortazar which book as something special I adored the narrative voice of Cortazar which uite addictive and I guess I ll continue with him at some point with some other of his books This collection of short stories was originally published in 1966 in Spanish translated into English in 1973 and re released by Marion Boyers Publishers UK in 2005 I picked it up at the London Review Bookshop this summerIf I had only read the first two short stories The Southern Thruway and The Health of the Sick I would have given this book 5 stars The first story is about a horrific traffic am on a major road bringing travelers back to Paris where motorists are essentially motionless for weeks with no help from local residents or government officials The second story is centered around the dying matriarch of a wealthy family whose members ingeniously hide from her the death of her son and sister or so they thinkUnfortunately the remaining six stories do not come close to the promise of the first two and only Nurse Cora a story about a teenage boy who is hospitalized with appendicitis competently cared for by Nurse Cora but badly mismanaged by his diffident surgeon was of interest However this story was marred by rapid and unpredictable changes in the narration boy nurse doctor mother which disrupted its flow I would marginally recommend this collection but only because the first two stories were fantastic Reading Julio Cortazar brings back an internal debate I was having with myself after I attended a book group in which we discussed One Hundred Years of Solitude Most the attendees were dismissive of the novel due to what they felt was an incoherent plot structure and unrealistic events within the novel which led me to ponder the difference between naturalistic and linear Anglo Saxon narrative techniues and the fantastical nature of Latin American nature in which the authors instead of telling a linear story are concerned with dissecting and exploring literary narratives in a fashion that most readers used to the conventions of Western fiction would find disorientating during events that most Western writers would find unrealisticLike Borges Cortazar is concerned not so much with objective reality but exploring the surreal and all too often fantastical nature of reality vis vis art The Other Heaven being a Borges like play on a conventional literary genre the murder mystery story welded together with the surreal world which Cortazar has created for his characters who revolve like planets around his imaginary universe Like Garcia Maruez and Mario Vargas Llosa Cortazar explores the highly sentimental world of Spanish soap operas in The Health of the Sick a wonderful and whimsical exploration of family relationships The surreal atmosphere of Instructions for John Howell a story which is suffused with a Kafkaesue paranoia which again resembles Borges is another brilliant story and the ejunish The Island at No. Todos los fuegos el fuego 1966 ofrece ocho muestras rotundas de la plenitud creadora ue alcanzan los cuentos de Cortazar Desde la exasperada metafora de las On recalls the fantastical Invention of Morel by Bioy Casares However Cortazar S Strongest Short Is The One In Which Cortazar s strongest short is the one in which sheds the skins of literary influences to create a truly original and spellbinding uxtaposition of a gladiator s demise in Ancient Rome with a scene between a couple set in modern times Cortazar s imagination sets off a spark which incinerates the arena in which the gladiator lies dying which in turns sets off a blaze in the apartment of the couple as the two scenes coalesce at the end of the story as Cortazar s imagination conflagrates as he blazes his own path in literary history to create the wonderful set of short stories contained in All Fires the Fire and his other short story collections My first Cort zar Surreal lyrical and absolutely magnificent About once a year I find a new writer I ve never read that stays with me 2019 will undoubtedly be the year I found Julio Cort zar Each story in this collection is a master class in how to distill a grand novelistic idea The shifting voices in the title story and Nurse Cora were unlike anything I ve read before Every word was meticulously placed and each sentence the mark of a craftsman I ve noticed that most writers and readers don t simply recommend reading Cort zar they say you must read Cort zar Now I know why Julio Cort zar and his cat Photo taken in the early 1960s when Julio was living in Paris An outstanding collection of eight short stories by one of the giants of 20th century literature Argentin Cortazar created a certain kind of storytelling in the by one of the giants of 20th century literature Argentin Cortazar created a certain kind of storytelling in the collected in Blow Up and Other Stories a kind of moebius strip construction that flips over and loops back without slowing Here he seems consciously to keep pushing his forms forward defying the expectations he has laid out for himself and pushing in new directions or else cutting back to avoid the expected twist by some subtle maneuver The results vary in success making this a bit uneven as a collection but never for a moment boring The dystopian roadways of the opener stun in particular Excellent short stories My favorite was La Isla a mediodia Cortazar certainly has a way with words and he spins the most memorable tales that are than merely short stories they are paintings with words I first read his short stories in college so these are rereads for me and enjoyed ust as much the second time around They are never to be forgotten I had read several recent reviews on this book and was encouraged to read this small collection of eight stories Published in 1966 some stories are written in a very experimental style Instructiones para John Howell and Todos los fuegos el fuego I have read his classic Rayuela a very experimental book and loved it I have to admit when Cort zar uses this techniue in a short story it can get confusing fast so one needs to pay attention or in my case read a passage to figure things outBut the ЯED joy is the short story is brevity and gettingmaking a point This is almost always at the very end La autopista del sur was not and one is either amazed or annoyed Almost all of these endings for me were in the first category There is humour love fear tragedy andust plain
enjoyment involved here 
involved here found the last two stories as well as the first two as full five story reads the other four were good but a little lesser in wow factor for me So I would give it a 45 but I am sure other readers would bicker on this point If you like the short story these are worthy to readBelow are my individual reactionsLa autopista del sur At first I didn t uite grasp where Cort zar was going with this story because it ust seemed too obvious A couple with a yo. Elaciones humanas ue es La autopista del sur hasta la maestria de El otro cielo Cortazar vuelve a abrir nuevos caminos con relatos ue son referencia obligada. Todos los fuegos el fuego