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Me up the wall I understand that the author was trying to be eriod correct and wanted to add some kind of conflict with the crazy riest and his ridiculous advice to the heroine However I had no desire to read about it It was absolute nonsense what he told her and even worse that she believed him even though I do know this is a situation that did occur during the middle ages Regardless it just made me want to throw the heroine into a lake and I couldn t continue with the book Within the first 50 ages or so I was fully repared to Chalk This One Up As An Indulgent this one up as an indulgent romance novel In some ways it DID fit the bill However I was thoroughly surprised to find myself falling in love with the character of FitzRoger his gift for logic and sarcasm is incredibly appealing This book does drag a bit in laces but it s definitely a fantastically fun escapist kind of read This was the first book that I ever read by Jo Beverly I was looking for a new author who combined romance with good usage of historical fact I was not disappointed when I read the book through very uickly The attention to many details of this time in history made it fascinating I think it is important not to lose sight of the fact that this is dominantly a romance with the steamy love scenes and large Les Ténébreuses - Tome I - La Fin d'un monde powerful male bodiesThelot started out fairly a romance with the steamy love scenes and large Karneval, Vol. 4 powerful male bodiesThelot started out fairly forward with the heroine Lady Imogene having to watch her The Hiding Place precious castle home andeople being raped and illaged She sought help from a owerful neighbor whom she mistrusted but needed as an ally to get her castle and lands back She has mixed feelings for Lord Fitzroger which lays with her trust issues They bicker and argue while trying to seek the upperhand as both are very strong roud The Elephants Journey people Fitzroger comes to her aid but then she discovers what he has been holding back At thisoint she becomes aware that there was a traitor in her own castle who let the raiders in Her father and betrothed s deaths may have not been what they seem Everyone seems to be Sklaven für Wutawia + Gauner mit der 'Goldenen Hand' plotting to get ahold of her her land and her treasure It is all set in the time of King Henry the First not long after the Norman Invasion of England by Henry s father Imogen of Carrisford also known as the Treasure of Carrisford though there is also The Treasure as in gold and gems and after her father s mysterious death the castle has fallen from the inside so that evil men can takeossession of said Treasures girl and gold But for the castle s seneschal Siward Imogen escaped to ask for the Lord said Treasures girl and gold But for the castle s seneschal Siward Imogen escaped to ask for the Lord Cleeve s assistance This event happened during a time of unrest when King Henry has not yet firmly established his monarchy and ambitious border barons need Carrisford and its treasures as fortress and to finance an uprising against Henry thus utting Imogen in the middle of a Machiavellianlike olitics Imogen is a combination of a clueless naive girl sheltered from worldly reality men s lusts for flesh and Changing Face of the Hero power has surprising exhibited strength of character and fortitude in the face of uncommon and unexpected adversity. Nd androtect heryet she dares not trust him to ut her desires before his own But even as she vows independence boldly standing beside him against treacherous enemies her defenses crumblefalling helplessly to the gentle fury of her warrior’s lo. Idn t love it but was good enjoyable romance read Now this is like it A nice traditional romance novel with the familiar theme of a It's A Wonderfully Sexy Life powerless woman who is forced to seek assistance to right an injustice against herself and hereople The lady Imogen is by turns spoiled Lignin Biodegradation petulant and irrational a magnificent hypocrite and a teenager Her foil FitzRoger is stalwart and controlling with words like hard to describe his demeanor andhysiue Forced together by circumstances they find themselves married and working out a new relationship in the face of growing threats Imogen redeems herself to some degree by having a knack for lanning and rationality when It Serves But The Best Part Of serves But the best art of book is when FitzRoger terribly wounded goes to fight the villain of the book and Imogen knocks him out and gets the soldiers to kill the villain like an animal Obviously this is a tremendous slight to her husband s honor and she is behaving uite unwomanly but it is wonderfully appropriate who hasn t wanted to sock one of these romance heroes one when they insist sock one of these romance heroes one when they insist going to battle under terrible circumstances Jo Beverley only wrote four medieval romance novels and I need to take a minute to be sad about that because Dark Champion had everything I want in a medieval romance and reminded me why I love the subgenre as much as I do This isn t a nice book This isn t a The Lady and the Lionheart pretty book This is not a gentle book There s war and Ms Beverleyulled no unches in showing us what that entails not only the heat of battle but the collateral damage which is what our heroine Imogen has to handle after the death of her father uts h Heroine ruined it for me I couldn t ut this book down So good Jo Beverley s medieval romances are extremely well done In this novel the writing is effortless the heroine is a wonderful mixture of naive and audacious the hero is so dark as the title says and hard to read for the heroine that when his facade gives way just a little it s heartwarming and the lot which begins and ends with fierce action is full of suspense the whole way through Having witnessed a rape in the opening Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church pages and been raised to be strongly religious the heroine is terrified of the sexual act an act which to secure her marriage contract her lands the security of the territory and therefore the security of the whole of England during the beginning of Beauclerk s reign is necessary This is therefore the BEST example I ve come across of a heroine s sexual awakening being absolutely intrinsic to thelot with the highest A (kinda) Country Christmas possibleersonal and universal stakes And the sexual awakening is made even complex by it being redicated on two opposing lessons she needs to learn how to trust a man again and to have her body her lands and her treasure be vulnerable and how to fight for herself and assert her own strong will as a woman in a atriarchal society This book works on all levels I liked Dark Champion s interesting hero and up until around halfway through the book the writing was also really good as well However the heroine drove. N in battle and a tyrannical master Imogen is stunned at the very sight of his owerful body yet it is his cool green eyes that enetrate her very soul making her tremble with both fear and desire Sheltered all her life she needs such a man to defe. .

I ve enjoyed some of her regency novels so I icked this up I did not realize it was going to be a medieval romance set in 1100s I completely understand that life was hardbrutal for everyone in those times Killing domination through rape forced marriages marriage solely for landwealth women as chattels women s viriginity as a bargaining tool DROIT DE SEIGNEUR ETC ETCTHAT DOES NOT MEAN I de seigneur etc etcThat does not mean I that era romanticized or read a romance set in those timesI don t care how retroactivley lucky you make her character or how anachronisticly you give her ower and make them euals I m admitting that accepting feminist revisionism in Regency novels but not in this one is a bit hypocrtical Also I can accept a rape as an act of violence war included at the beginning but then to have her discuss w Fitzroger that he may need to forcibly rape her to consummate the marriage was the last straw for me And yes women were beaten by their husbands But her lacid acceptance of it was disturbing to readThe whipping scene also was hard to readIt simply doesn t add to my enjoyment to remember the brutality women suffered through in this time I don t find an ameloration of that well at least he only whipped me to be romanticDo NOT recommend unless you like the medieval era type romances Medieval romance in which the heroine a sheltered 16 yo heiress turns in desperation to the nearest strong lord to Why Is It Always About You?: The Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism protect her from the sacking of her castle and attempted marriage by her other strong neighbor who is a bruteHer rescuer is Bastard FitzRoger a formidable warrior and friend of the new king Henry Beauclerc Henry I After he takes back her castle for her and she assesses herrospects the heroine Imogene decides to marry him with the stipulation that she remain in charge of her roperty of CarrisfordThings are not straightforward and there is some manufactured angst that is drawn out Not sure I liked Imogene but she did have a natural intelligence that the author Jo Beverly was able to show us instead of telling us I also liked that the author made her honest so we avoided the big misunderstanding that drives many lazily written Rom novels Beverly also finally sold the whole sheltered so much that it explains why the heroine is kinda dumb excuse when *THE HEROINE IS DUMB OR AT *Heroine is dumb or at I bought itThe hero was great FitzRoger was ractical and honest if he could be and his actions were Charming the Firefighter period appropriate I liked that he was calculating and intelligent in a believable wayThis novel also introduces Renald de Lisle whose story I had readreviously in Lord of Midnight for TGRRP2013This medieval tale involves rape themes disenfranchisement and the husband s total authority over the wife so for TGRRP2013This medieval tale involves rape themes disenfranchisement and the husband s total authority over the wife so you avoid if that is offensive to youI thought Dark Champion an enjoyable read There is a lot of action Some of the light hearted moments the couple shared were under great duress and I thought the addition of humor at these moments was odd and off utting The ending with the trial of the Barons and King Henry kinda made the novel for me tbh I A Damsel’s PlightOrphaned and desperate Imogen of Carrisford flees when a brutal lord invades and takes ossession of her castle There is only one man she can turn to for helpA Knight's RescueHe is FitzRoger of Cleeve rud to be a ruthless champio.

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