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Tao Lin pushing pretentiousness to Further Heights Having An Overbearing heights Having an overbearing voice does not mean you are a good writer Nothing can cover up bad writing Tao Lin I read your bookI iked it for the most part It made me want to write which a certain kind of fiction always does It reminded me of my own Cybersecurity: Protecting Critical Infrastructures from Cyber Attack and Cyber Warfare (Zones of Religion) life at times As a fellow Floridian ex pat of roughly the same age the Denny s references resonated I don t know if they resonated the same way for people not from Florida I guess it doesn t matterIiked the stories in the following orderSuburban Teenage Wasteland BluesCull the Steel Heart Melt the Ice one Love The Weak Thing Say the Weak Thing Say of Consolation but Irrelevance Disaster and Nonexistence Have no Hope or Hate Nothing Ruin Yourself Exclusively Completely and Whenever PossibleLove is the Indifferent God of the Religion in which Universe is ChurchSincerityLove is a Thing on Sale for More Money Than There ExistsInsomnia for a Better TomorrowSasuatchThree Day CruiseNine TenI think this may indicate that I don t ike the way you write children so much But maybe not maybe I just found those stories ess compellingI stayed in bed all day reading this book I felt Freedom Is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a Movement like I was being aittle self consciously theatrical reading a book called Bed in bed but in the final analysis I think I was just being hard on myselfReading all of these stories in one go was a ittle exhausting I think perhaps your tone is a bit too consistent but that s hardly something someone could fault you forI do however have a couple of complaints1 You use eschatology twice in this collection which I think we can agree is one or two times too many2 In the story Nine Ten you use the phrasing in the face twice I feel the problem here is obvious3 Also in the story Nine Ten there is a face twice I feel the problem here is obvious3 Also in the story Nine Ten there is a on page 211 It would take three Chopin s to beat up Glenn GouldI hope you will take these criticisms as evidence of the closeness of my reading rather than an overriding dislike for your work which I feel is very enjoyable in an uncomfortable and too warm kind of wayI ook forward to reading eeeee eee eeee whenever the ibrary here acuires it Tao Lin writes a blog called Reader of Depressing Books If Tao Lin were a Hollywood blockbuster his tag ine would be Writer of Annoying Fiction Very tedious and exasperating A The Craving lot of the time I feltike what I was reading was The Murder Exchange less of a story and of an exercise in reduction and not in a good way For me Lin s extreme minimalist approach had the effect of draining all theife out of the storiesThere is way to much he did that then he did this then he went to this place and did another thing and then he felt sad type of thing going on and no amount oh so kooky metaphors can cove. College students recent graduates and their parents work at Denny's volunteer at a public ibrary in suburban Florida attend satanic skapunk concerts eat Chinese food. ,

Bed Author Tao LinJust a sneaky way of proclaiming yourself God It was and Aaron especially did not believe in anything as vague and cliched and with as many capitalization rules as God TAO GETS AT SOME OF Lin at some of uncomforatble thoughts we have sometimes and it makes you wonder if he has those thoughts himself or he just knows us all so well But he also makes you augh and reflect and all of those good things books should do My friend and I went on a road trip this summer and she read Sasuatch Nine Ten and the story about the man who works at a ibrary and sits in the back seat of a car driven by high school kids who either toilet paper or egg a house aloud to me I had already read Bed three years prior to the road trip but wanted to read it again and my "FRIEND EXPRESSED INTEREST IN READING SOMETHING ALOUD TOGETHER SHE " expressed interest in reading something aloud together She sometimes stop during the ong sentences to regain focus and would ask me if she was doing okay reading She read Sasuatch as we were Securing Caite laying in a park in Portland Oregon and it was sunny and afterwards we bothooked at each other emotionally didn t say much and seemed affected I said something Trudy like isn t this whatife feels ike I ve read Sasuatch aloud to both my dad and my mom and a similar thing happened at the end except when I read it to my mom it was on the phone and her voice sounded frail and she said something ike wow how beautiful how sad I have always felt kind of bizarre and The Unlikeliest Hero: The Story of Desmond T. Doss lonely andike people don t see the world the way I do The characters in Bed seemed to focus on small sort of boring and sort of really complex moments that didn t necessarily have a positive or negative effect on them but still felt important just because they were there and that was enough Oh my ord this book sucks What a useless pretentious waste of time I ike this book I can read this book in any mood and enjoy it I think The words all have meaning that my brain can process After I read the words I feel emotions Each sentence makes me feel emotion I will read this again ater on and probably times ater on I think I ve reached my threshold with hipster Prisoner of Midnight lit I optimistically continue to read books about people my age in New York and in this case Florida who are miserable but it never resonates in any sort of way that I feel is particularlyiterary useful or interesting I am BOSH!: The Cookbook: Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants. likely missing huge symbolic meaning there were a number of recurring themes and objects including toy poodles but overall it feltike faux depth As I finished up I thought to myself this guy would get along swimmingly with Miranda July they have the exact same voice except he s Confessions of an Air Ambulance Doctor less funny Ando and behold when turned the book over to read the accolades from various authors she was one of them. R kind of Mr. Jelly's Business love or something better thanove things which much ike the Lock Ness Monster they know probably do not exist but are rud to exist and therefore good enoug. .

R up the flatness of the characters I can deal with fiction about people who are bored or depressed or ost and confused about how to exist in any kind of meaningful way Douglas Coupland continually confronts these issues with far wit humor warmth and dare I say it hope in much of his work but this just humor warmth and dare I say it hope in much of his work but this just t cut it for me If the author s intention was to make the reader feel the same Gökyüzü Mavi Kaldı levels of tedium experienced by his characters then I would have to say he was successful in this respect Maybe I m old fashioned and distinctly unhip but I definitely prefer my fiction aittle Corps Values: Everything You Need to Know I Learned In the Marines less anemic and aot well story The Sun Shines Over the Sanggan River like or something i ve read every book taoin has published and have decided bed exemplifies what s at the core of everything THIEME Atlas of Anatomy: Head and Neuroanatomy like this is his thesis statement as an author actually immediately after writing that i decided no definitely not any of his books could be his thesis statements that s part of his appeal to me though these stories feelike anthems for self condemned ed y onely who tentatively hope for something better whatever that something may be despite a general River Bodies (Northampton County, lack of evidence from the as my buddy camusikes to say benign indifference of the worldthe sometimes paragraph Dept. of Reproductive Management length sentences in bed feel deliberately paced to involve the reader in the thought processes of their characters which results in this kind of unsettling meta sensation ie am i reading about fictional characters am i reading taoin s thoughts am i reading what tao in wants me to think his thoughts are and does he want me to think these people are fictional or himself i know bed is probably realistically a combination of All Of Those Things of those things is what i iked most about reading it I hate short stories so much I hate them All of them Even the good ones I always know a short story is going to end soon so even if I sort of The Psychology of Work like it I want it to end now I can t stand the uncertainty The constant thought of when will this end If you re going to end soon just end now Do it Now ChristLately short stories aren t even short any They re soong it s ike why don t you just write a novel Just write a novel and stop torturing meShort stories make me psychoticBut somehow someway I oved Lin s story Sincerity about a COUPLE OF ASPIRING WRITERS IN COLLEGE of aspiring writers in college fall in and out of The Woman You Want to Be: Margery Wilson's Complete Book of Charm love It s the perfect cross of Charlie Kaufman Woody Allen and JD SalingerI couldn t get into any of the other stories but it was worth reading for this one aloneThough his face was turned away he sort of forced a grin anyway He hated it when people got so inured that they went around being sarcastic without ever changing their facial expression It was inhumanWhat did it mean to believe in one self Wasn t that. With the homeless of New York City and go to the same Japanese restaurant in Manhattan three times in two sleepless days all while yearning constantly forove a bette.

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