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Rched well written material in it and I agree that it is an important read for the well informed Thank ou MarcellinoThis is an updateI also read for the well informed Thank ou MarcellinoThis is an updateI also church history I find it impossible to not apply commentary to the way I teach it But there is a difference between adding commentary and distorting facts Marcellino closes his chapter on the council of Nicea By Suggesting That With suggesting that with pronouncements of the council and the excommunication of Arius Eusebius and a few others that in his words it was Case closed It was anything but case closed historically and the lack of closure continues to reverberate to this day This is both a theological issue as well as a historical one It may have been case closed theologically for those who would remain Trinitarian but for most of the Christians of the eastern Mediterranean it was never a closed issue The rise of Arab Christianity and later Islam is an indicator of just how not Case closed it was As a historical treatment of the issues this is a cavalier and false twisting of facts and realityOne of the most important aspects of historical study is the way it informs why current reality is so and how and why it may have developed the way it did While I would have to say that the theological outcome of the Council of Nicaea was likely correct the process was enormously flawed as is this books treatment of it As someone who is theologically trained and a PresbyterianI thoroughly enjoyed this book The author has an easy writing style and a gift for making complex ideas readily understood He brought the characters to life delightfully Yesthere is Roman Catholic apology involved but it never discolors the presentation A beginner or a student will enjoy this book as much as someone well versed in theology and Church history This gives a great overview of the church fathers It gives information about their main theological beliefsarguments and gives ou context too with the brief biographical accounts of each of them This has been a fantastic introduction and I d highly recommend it Mostly good A bit dry at points But very informative and meaningful for Christians to understand our roots. Se brilliant embattled and sometimes eccentric men defined the biblical canon hammered out the Creed and gave us our understanding of sacraments and salvation It is they who preserved the rich legacy of the early Church for us. S I ve read in my life Warning The Gods Themselves you may convert to Catholicism ifou readnot kidding Really cool to get the historical setting and biographies on the Patristic Fathers and beyondpositive and Really cool to get the historical setting and biographies on the Patristic Fathers and beyondpositive and Superb overview of the highs and lows of the early church after the death of the ApostlesThis book tells of the amazing awesome faith of these radical pioneers and how they lived and died to hold on to the Truth and Traditions handed to them from the Apostles themselvesA fantastic and absorbing introductory read about the early church fathers and their extraordinary lives Awesome book When the Church was oung is a very readable book The chapters are succinct and well structured It reads very smoothly I found the historical synopses of the author very interesting and well articulated understandable but also parochial The author is Catholic and follows the dogma of this church Some of his well articulated views are simply unsupported Roman church dogma I am not saying this to try to pick a fight Marcellino repeats Roman church positions in the course of his reflections on history and these are not problematic if the reader understands where they come from and understands that they are not all commonly agreed with But for the uninformed they are misleading and logic leaps that will not further the persons education Lastly this books suffers as most church history texts do The author can only laud the decisions of the past and the people that made them in spite of where these decisions lead to or how they in spite of the best of intentions create significant damage a generation or two later One of the most significant failings of the early church fathers was their inability and unwillingness to embrace mystery As A Part Of a part of relationship with God Thus they find it impossible to not help God out So decisions like Apostolic succession and monarchical episcopacy may have appeared appropriate at the time because of circumstances but they are disastrous theologically and spiritually This is of course the view of a Protestant and not a Roman CatholicWhile I find this a flawed history there is a great deal of very well resea. Rch Fathers provide the answers Marcellino D'Ambrosio dusts off what might have been just dry theology to bring ou the exciting stories of great heroes such as Ambrose Augustine Basil Athanasius John Chrysostom and Jerome The. Wonderful book for anyone interested In A First Look At a first look at Church Fathers or Early Christianity D Ambrosio does not seek to give full biographies or full catalog of early documents Instead this book makes these great men and women real people with families and sins and problems and describes the times they lived in Some real people with families and sins and problems and describes the times they lived in Some uotes are included in other places only snippets as the "Case Reuired To Demonstrate "reuired to demonstrate faith and teachings of these people For example St Augustine sounds like it is worth reading despite my memories of hating reading it in a literature class Here the man is explained making the writing have context that is enriching instead of dryThe Early Fathers are of course Catholic as is the author but I believe Orthodox and Protestant readers would benefit from this glimpse into the minds of the Early Fathers in their uest for true Church and being like the apostles Big T Tradition takes us back to those who learned at the knee of Jesus and it is instructive for Catholics and non to see this rich history in an approachable and readable book I m fascinated with how the early Church developed and came up with the core beliefs we now have This book is perfect for someone like me a new Catholic who wants to learn about the Church and how it came about It gives brief history lessons without becoming boring or bogged down it too many details All the names I would hear in Mass but not know who they were This book tells me who they were and helps me appreciate what they did This is one of those books I have a hard time putting down when I start reading it This book is definitely worth reading Scholarly content but clearly attractively written and easy to follow Wow Great book I think every protestant should give this book a read I was raised in a wonderful protestant home and as of 2015 joined the Catholic Church As a protestant I never once EVER heard of these wonderful men and women who defended many with their lives the faith we as Christians hold most dear Marcellino D Ambrosio brings these saints teachers and martyrs alive in a straight forward easy to comprehend book A Probably one of the best book. If the word trinity isn't in Scripture why is it such an important part of our faith And if the Bible can be interpreted in many ways how do we know what to make of it And who decided what should be in the Bible anyway The Chu.

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