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Becoming Orgasmic: A Sexual and Personal Growth Program for Women Paperback(Becoming Orgasmic: A Sexual and Personal Growth Programme for Women) [By: Julia R. Heiman] [Feb, 2009] PaperbackDescobrindo o Prazer (Em Portuguese do Brasil) Paperback

Catwoman ySRather than duplicate all the other five star reviews I thought I would add two bits of information that may be helpful to women who have worked through the program in the book and want to know what nextThe first half of the book is a guided journey of self exploration to helpou get reacuainted with Fictions de Jorge Luis Borges your body andour thinking about things like sex nudity our self image and our sexual wants and needs Learning to give pleasure to ourself is an essential part of the program Most women will manage just fine if they follow the program step by step but Some Will Stall Out Just Before Graduation will stall out just before graduation first solo orgasm If ou get that far and get stuck I recommend Betty DOBSON S WEBSITE SHE S BEEN s website She s been women to orgasm for 40 ears and has over 200 hundred posts specifically ON HOW TO ORGASM THIS IS PROBABLY THE BEST how to orgasm This is probably the best point Once ou have successfully graduated from the program in the first half of the book the second half is devoted to helping ou become orgasmic during sex with a partner Although the authors never mention this by name the exercises for couples are based on the key elements of tantric sex For a point by point comparison see my article at However what the authors are able to include here is necessarily just an intro to this especially powerful and enjoyable approach to sex As ou complete the program with Notes sur la mlodie des choses your partner the two ofou may be wondering where to go for If that s the case Le druidisme au quotidien : Guide pratique et philosophique your best choice is moderntantrablogspotcom It s a complete manual for tantric sex without any of the spiritual or religious trimmings that many people insist on adding to itBut that s for later Right now ifou re looking for that elusive first orgasm Becoming Orgasmic is a great place to start Not life changing but have good information that can help women improve their sexual lives I would recommend to my friends Not enough focus on singles needs Good book Yep if ou need help. Ippi. .
Ven though the book has been very slightly updated in places they never changed anything in the vibrator section Not even the italicised warning to Never use the vibrator around water So at least the book can raise a few laughsOh and in the section on fantasising about celebrities For some reason no one thought it might be a good idea to take out the sentence where the reader is told it s fine to fantasise about 3 Actors In Particular Tom Selleck Who At in particular Tom Selleck who at time of my review is 75 Robert Redford who is currently 83 and the late Paul Newman who would have been 95 but sadly died in 2008 Of course it s fine for people to still be sexually active in their 80s and older if their health allows but as a fantasy figure for people a uarter of their age it s really uite odd Clearly it was too much trouble just to snip out that line in this edition published in 2009It makes me wonder if I m the only person to actually read the words on the page in the last couple of decades rather than skimming the text and assuming the content matches the boasts on the cover Great updated book Outdated Might be helpful for those who are new to masturbation and are the cover Great updated book Outdated Might be helpful for those who are new to masturbation and are cis fem hetero and plan on getting married to a man Too focused on what a male partner might do or enjoy There are some helpful tidbits here and there and some good reminders Great book As a sex educator I found this book helpful for therapists and individuals who are seeking help with female sexuality The drawings by David Palladini former New York illustrator are tasteful and helpful Arrived on time and as described very happyThank ou This was a pioneering book back in the 70s and 80s and it is still just as excellent now as it was then Many of the recent books on the same topic are just clones and rehashes of this one and many are not as good because they are interested in promoting specific therapists than actually helping ou solve problem. 9 sh. ,

Would not recommend to LGBTIA individuals as language is not inclusive but has
interesting information and 
information and if willing to get past that It covers a lot and I like how to talks about working together with our partner I knew this book had been first published a very long time ago before I read it and I really tried to not let that matter But it didThe programme described may well be very useful to someone who has had a very very restricted upbringing with no internet access If You Have you have a relative who s just left a religious cult prohibits contact with the modern world this book could make a good start for them in learning what they ve missed out on But for everyone else the PAGES AND PAGES AND PAGES on how masturbation is not evil are really unnecessary and well boring When they finally get off this topic the authors assumptions about the reader s marital sex life oh Deliciously Ella entre amis yes it absolutely assumes the reader is a married heterosexual woman are incredibly depressing Repeated explanations that sex which is actively unpleasant should be discontinued during the programme and admonitions to be careful not to upset the husband because after all it will be a shock for him when his wife suddenly starts getting aroused Ifour sex life is THAT onesided I don t think the lack of orgasms is our most pressing problem Consider throwing the whole man awayAnd something really odd about the section on vibrators apart from needing to tell the reader OVER AND OVER that vibrators won t turn a modest woman into some kind of harlot the illustration shows 3 kinds of vibrator and 2 are just bizarre museum pieces and one looks almost like a modern bullet type But the thing is wand vibrators like the famous Hitachi were very popular already long before this book was first published For some reason the authors must have decided to conceal their very existence from their contemporary audience and 111.

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 (Becoming Orgasmic: A Sexual and Personal Growth Programme for Women) By Julia R. Heiman (Author) Paperback on (Dec , 2008)