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Patina: 300+ Coloration Effects for Jewelers MetalsmithsOr the beginner and hobbiest What great book on Patina it Excellent text instructions and illustration I would highly recommend book and the author is very approachable and helpful it Wow this this book and the author is very approachable and helpful Buy it Wow this great information if you are interested in learning different techniues for patination Too many commercial formulae are sed not all of which are available in all countries where this book can be bought I was expecting of a technical manual in the ma. R and aluminum Neatly organized by metal type then by color for ease of reference Patina discusses variables that affect the overall metal coloration such as surface preparation chemical formula application method and Cross references take you to the variety of patination techniues offered including immersion brush application spraying fumi. I cannot rate this book highly enough Superb info with great Arrangement To Find Things to find things Excellent And NO you cannot buy it back from me a great arrangement to find things easily Excellent buy And NO you cannot buy it back from me the topic extrememly thoroghly Would recommend Author articulates the subject of patination really well But the receipies mentioned in the book doesn t work as per the pictures mentioned And some of the methods and techniues are not practical for large scale commercial application But still a good book An explosion of patination methods from beginner to advanced skill levels Patina offers a collection of over 300 metal patination recipes application instructions and full sized samples for anyone working in metals including jewelers sculptors and metal artisansThis all skill level book covers steel stainless steel copper brass bronze silve.

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Nner of Michael Rowe s now out of print patination book Great book with a vast selection of patina options and formulas Very happy with the purchase This book obtained from another source after the one finally shipped by 6 months after order was deemed Sweet Carolina Morning undeliverable and refundedThe book itself is awesome inspiring me to add other metal treatments to the projects I make Most of the recipes I haven t yet tried but the explained processes are easily achievable. Ng layeringsing resists hot and cold applications and All recipes feature step by step illustrated instructions Patina also discusses safety issues and
handling and disposing 
and disposing hazardous or corrosive materials as well as proper ventilation This book is an inspirational resource a how to guide and book is an inspirational resource a how to guide and book that you have long been waiting fo.

Patina: 300+ Coloration Effects for Jewelers  Metalsmiths Kindle EditionMetal Patination Techniques for Jewelers and Metalsmiths by Matthew Runfola (2014-02-24) Hardcover