(KINDLE) Storytelling with Collage: Techniques for Layering, Color and Texture Author Roxanne Evans Stout

Storytelling with Collage: Techniques for Layering, Color and Texture Kindle EditionDancing on Raindrops Paperback

Great book very informative Lovely book just what I was looking for it is difficult to gauge content from the Look Inside pages but this book contains the essential information beautiful photography and easy to follow pages but this book contains the essential information beautiful photography and easy to follow The work of twenty five Collage Artists is featured showing

A Variety Of Styles 
variety of styles ideas to explore The philosophy of the author makes the book uplifting to read I would recommend this book to any one who wants to find a new direction through craft as someone who sees creating things as the same as breathing meaning just a part of life that everyone can do i welcome the unaffected unpretentious and intimate uality of this book the gentle but firm belief that permeates the book is that expressing yourself through your hands is the most natural joyful satisfying element of being human i ve been playing around with art materials my whole life and i found much to enjoy in this book the production values are good the presentation is good and there is enough here that i can see it will be a book i go back to over and overif you are looking for step by step instructions to copy a particular project this is probably not for you if you are looking for permission inspiration and encouragement you can t go wrong here this book is not only about art work about how to do it but also a work of art in itself I seldom comment on art books This one is really worth the time There is a poem for instance by a collage artist that stopped me completely So many good thoughts such a good read Even for non collage artists this is a worthy book This book is pretty to look at It seems to be a showcase for the author s and some friends lifestyle and some select and lovely work In the introduction the author says I have often thought that every piece of art has a story Sometimes the story is in my imagination long before I create a collage and sometimes it emerges much later So right there you can see this is not going to be a step by step of how to tell a story in collage She ends the 3 paragraph introduction by stating My wish is that when you look at each photo. Every collage has a tale to tell Tell your story in paper fabric and objects collected from your world Storytelling With Collage will inspire you to capture your poetic thoughts fond memories and passionate daydreams in a soft and simple style Using simple tools and supplies that delight you youll learn to work with a variety of prompts and will discover how each element you. .
Storytelling with Collage: Techniques for Layering, Color and TextureAnd fun Made me nostalgic about fairy tale
Books From My Childhood 
from my childhood had wonderful detailed drawings you just don t see any This book inspires intrigues and incites me to create It arrived in the mail on a weekday after a long day of work After dinner I settled down to look through it and soon my brain was buzzing and MY FINGERS ITCHED TO START GATHERING ARRANGING AND CREATING fingers itched to start gathering arranging and creating I had a hard time going to sleep and an even harder time going to work the next day when I so wanted to be looking through the book and making beautiful things like Roxanne and her guest artists in the book I ve had the pleasure of taking two of Roxanne s online workshops and one in person workshop given by Roxanne and fiber artist Lorri Scott This book is the perfect companion to the workshops and motivates me to eep paying attention to nature and expressing myself through art I have always loved to collect stones shells beads and art supplies and I have made mixed media jewelry sculpture fiber art and taken photographs for many years This book feeds all my passions at once and helps me find new ways to incorporate my collections into collages The only downside of this book for me is that it makes me want to uit my day job and make art full time I now that when the day comes for me to retire this book will continue to inspire me to appreciate nature and make art that is meaningful My thanks to the author and all the contributing artists for a lovely book Outstanding Stout offers something for every artist paper fabric fiber wax paint Her tutorials tips projects are presented in "a way which can be used to build a cumulative set of skills OR can be dipped into and "way which can be used to build a cumulative set of skills OR can be dipped into and for specific goals The artists who share their creative thoughts are also inspiring For me the sections dealing with staging were very helpful she shows how to approach the studio and the worktable in a way which can give a meditative enjoyment of the process She stresses the pleasures and rewards to be found in using the concept of collage to enhance the entire studio experience Different interesting inspiring. S ideas for combing your world for collage fodderBeautiful photos to inspire you to customize your own worktablePerspective on finding inspiration outside your window through the seasonsExtra inspiration in each chapter from the Collage Stories and works by 25 contributing artistsCapture the textures and colors of your moments today through your own Storytelling With Collage. ,

Graph of my world my worktable or the collage and stories that you may be inspired in your own life So that you may be inspired in your own life So that the purpose of this effort inspiration Like I said it s pretty to look at and there are some basic bits of info but the title is very misleading if you are looking for a how to book such an inspirational book It will be a constant source of motivation and pleasure Roxanne is a wonderful intuitive artist who is generous enough to share techniues and ideas This is a wonderful book full of inspiration and beautiful photos You now those little scraps of fabric and lace bits and pieces of scrumptious paper and found objects you had collected over the years but never new what to do with With this collaging techniue you can showcase them all in inspiring ways to treasure forever I absolutely fell in love with this techniue and the idea of telling your story through these collage elements Look up Roxanne s Facebook page and website for inspiration She actively engages with her followers which is a nice personal touch I attach a photo of the first collage I made inspired by this book I m thinking of starting a whole journal filled with similar creations Like any good book I couldn t put this one down nor did I want it to end Sure the techniues are concise and easy to follow and there are many but what I really loved were the personal glimpses into Roxannes artistic life and surroundings and her approach to her art Also loved the other collage artists stories Have read it from cover to cover and eep it nearby just to look at the beautiful pictures This book absolutely ooozes with stunning photographs of Roxanne Evan Stout s beautifully crafted works of art She offers detailed directions on projects and offers the reader several personal challenges to encourage them to try new techniues Storytelling with I just make a mistake and bought the kindle version but i m so impressed and version but I m so impressed and to buy the real bookIt s excellent Helena x If you are looking for a scrapbooking theme that is creative than the preprinted options I think you ll love this book Its refreshing. Select from small shells collected on your last trip to the pretty paper you unwrapped from a recent gift has its own part of a complete narrative Nine collage prompts will walk you step by step through a collage creation as you work with textured papers fabric stitching found objects images natural materials color wax and metal In addition inside you will findNumerous Task.