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Big Nate: In a Class by Himself

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Pages This one I received is 40 pages Why the discrepancy My grandson reuested this book as a gift and then he wanted me to read it to him although he is in third grade and could read it himself I read it To Him And Had To Stop To him and had to stop to snort and giggle all the way through the book I think he wanted me to have a good time I bought this book about 3 years ago It was a great book and I loved the chapter book styleThat is where the good part of this experience came to an end I went into the book on my Kindle Paperwhite and all the pictures dissapeared The book still supports the comic book style so it was impossible to understand what was going on There were big Gaps Where The Pictures Were Supposed To where the pictures were supposed to and sometimes whole pages were even empty All in all I will give this two stars because the story and artwork that I saw were beautifly entertaining and funny but the malfunctions annoyed me very much All in all I reccomend getting the paper version of this book. Always seems to find him but Nate keeps his cool He knows hes destined for greatness A fortune cookie told him soHere comes BIG NATE accidental mischief maker and definitely NOT the teachers petGet your reader into this beloved series withBig Nate In a Class by Himself the perfect book for anyone whos ever been to middle schoo.
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Our kid struggles to pick up a book you may Want To Give This Series A Shot My Daughter Loves to give this series a shot My daughter loves book and all of big Nate s series it s very funny I am glad she made me get it for her I read this book with a group of 4th graders who were studying it for battle of the books this year It s very well written in terms of being entertaining and relatable for that age group However for my students two very well written in terms of being entertaining and relatable for that age group However for my students two really stuck out that they didn t like First they felt like this book was the boy version of Dork Diaries I ll be honest I m not sure which book came first ust want to give a ten year old s perspective Second they thought that although he Funny as always Another disappointed child here because the book was not a new one Bringing the Outside In just an old one with a new name Wish I d read all the reviews rather thanust reading out the titles to him Good book The book s description states this book is 5X8 The one I received is 4 12 by 6 inchesThe description states there are 224. Ig things But things dont always go your way ust because youre awesome Nate barely survives his dads toxic oatmeal before rushing off to schoolminus his lunch He body slams the no nonsense principal He accidentally insults his least favorite "Teacher The Horrifying Mrs "the horrifying Mrs aka Godzilla And school has barely startedTrouble. Big Nate is awesome as always MY OLDS FAVOURITE BOOKS HE 8yr olds books He t much into reading till I put this book in his stocking Now he s read half of the big nate collection Bought this as we thought it was another in the Big Nate series having bought Big Nate the boy with the biggest head in the world Unfortunately it turned out to be the same book with a different title I read the book prior to my child and didn t see why people think it s not an Ok Read For Children read for children truth is that kids relate to this stuff and its actually kind of funny and enjoyable The Diary of a wimpy kid thing is a great formula to get a kid reading if they aren t the type of kid who will pick up a book on their own After the first chapter my little girl ran upstairs with the book and didn t come back down until she had finished it Now she wants the whole series Thanks to these kinds of children s books my daughter reads on her own and because of that she is becoming a better student If Soon to be an animated series from NickelodeonBig Nateis funny big timeJeff Kinney author ofDiary of a Wimpy KidFor fans of the hilarious Diary of a Wimpy Kid series Get ready to meet Big Nate In the first novel in theNew York Timesbestselling series Big Nate is in a class by himselfNate knows hes meant for big things REALLY

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