Uglys Electrical References, 2017 Edition (DOWNLOAD)

Uglys Electrical References, 2017 EditionS Update the book has mistakes in it Look at page *101 ENT values and compare them to NEC 2017 These values *ENT values and compare them to NEC 2017 These values changed in 2014 but they never made it to Ugly s And today I noticed even mistakes in pipe fill tables I did get 2017 Edition not sure if they are all like this or just mine so make sure you checkPS I got a replacement and its the same I dont think these are some crucial mistakes but its nacceptable thats why its 1 star We had to se these tables in class for calculations on test if you se this BOOK YOU WILL GET A WRONG ANSWER OTHER THEN you will get a wrong answer Other then its Always Loved these pocket books Makes life soo much easier They also have a great app now tooi would buy this again Excellent reference booklet for Electrical Design WorkHave been Unforeseen (Kingdom Keepers, using the booklet for many years purchased this one as anpgrade of the older version I haveHighly recommended To help my child with their electrical course recommended by an electricia. On Ugly's offers the most pertinent information sed by electricians right at their fingertips including mathematical formulas National Electrical Code tables wiring configurations conduit bending ampacity and conduit fill information and life saving first aid procedure.

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This is the book I meant to buy the first time when I bought the safety book I m not complaining because I read the safety book and it was good information and I kept it also This book has the charts to to help you figure out what size wire to se in a circuit your running so you do not burn your house down sing the wrong wire As an electrician I keep this handy little helper right in my bag It s always good to know wire sizes and calculations If you ever forget just whip this baby out and boom you have the knowledge voltage drop calculations breaker sizing wire gauge size drop calculations breaker sizing wire gauge size name it it has it You need this book Don t estion it Just put it in your cart right now Great for work a good reference LOTS of information in pointeasy to nderstand form Excellent I love the Ugly s book I always keep one in my toolbox It s amazing how much of the NEC they fit into this little handbook I just finally "updated to the current co. Ugly's Electrical References 2017 Edition is the on the " to the current co. Ugly's Electrical References 2017 Edition is the on the reference tool of choice for electrical professionals Used worldwide by electricians engineers contractors designers maintenance workers apprentices and students Ugly's contains the most commonly reuired electr.
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