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Ern ideas I bought this book and it is by far the best instruction book I have ever seenThe pictures are great the illustrations are very clear *I DID NOT REALIZE THIS WHEN *did not realize this when bought it but it was originally written by the Japanese Macram Association in 2011 and then translated and published by St Martin s PressIn addition to instructions for 70 knots with samplers there are a lot of patterns for belts purses bracelets necklaces amulet bags household items and other things I am very happy with this book Because I had only minimal knotting experience think old school friendship bracelets I wanted a book that has very clear instructions This is definitely that book I did find the layout of the book a bit odd Unless you have memorized every symbol they used for every knot you ll be flipping back and forth between the front of the book and the pattern you are working on Some of the samples in the book were shown on like colored backgrounds making it less than ideal while you re trying to examine the details The photos of the completed projects are not near the instructions which can also lead to a lot of flipping back and forth between the sections of the this bookStill despite sometimes being awkward to use this book the instructions are the this bookStill despite sometimes being awkward to use this book the instructions are good that I d still recommend it The book has clear instructions for each knot and step I do like this book very much but the publishers should have published it spiral bound so the book lays flat when trying to follow the instructions To make this book lay flat to keep it open to be able to follow the designs you need to pretty much break the spine of the book When this happens the pages can come loose I removed all the pages and had it spiral bound This is the way the book should be to start with. Tons of expert tips like how to set up your work board or how to keep track of the cord ends for less confusion Thirty three projects featured in the book range from simple ewelry like a classic friendship bracelet and watch straps tocomplex ones like bags and baskets.

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I wanted ideas and information on narrow bands macrame as shown on the front cover and this book supplies ust that along with some other things As a *TOTAL BEGINNER I CREATED AN EXCELLENT *beginner I created an excellent hanging from using the knots in this book and feel that I will never need anything else Great book for patterns and ideas however I know a lot of people who have this book and say the explanations need for the novice Sometimes a little hard to follow but with experience this would be a fantastic book to own I first borrowed the book from library to see if I d like it before buying a copy IMO This is a great source book if you are interested in learning how to do macrame or braiding showing photos on one page and direction on another page is the way Japanese how to books are organized Once you are used to it it won t be bothersome I find the illustration and direction pretty easy to follow am a rookie It has uite a few nice graphic designs If I could master them I d be very happy This book showed up a lot sooner than the delivery date I m so happy with it I m really into tying hemp and what not but I also have another macrame book besides this one This one may be my favorite It has tons of small patterns and ones I ve never seen before Love it And it came without any damage ust brand newI d definitely recommend this book to beginners and advanced macrame artists i love this book i m currently working on 3 projects at the same time using various sizes of cords havent finished one yet but i had to write this review because i think this book is ust beautiful i didn t see that it was apanese when i ordered it which to me is a HUGE bonus because i adore craft books from A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, japan they re some of the most beautiful books i own and this one Learn how to make over seventy macramé knots and small repeat patterns then use them to create a wide range of projects Each knot is shown in a close up photograph with clear step by step diagrams showing how they are tied Starting with the basics the knots progress on. Sust like it i was thrilled when it came in there s absolutely no translation issues either which is another huge plus it was created by some kind of huge nation wise macrame society of apan so seems to be an authentic authority i knew absolutely nothing about macrame but *this book
to cover it all both scale ewelry pieces sennets and then what i was *book seems to cover it all both small scale Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies jewelry pieces sennets and then what i was in larger scale panels for wall hangings or bags etc lots of patterns tons of different knots clear directions and its beautiful to boot so often you get a craft book and you have to imagine all the examples but with better or interesting aesthetics not here the people who did this have excellent taste i think so its inspiring too i really really love it I d never tried macrame until I bought this book Easy to follow instructions and great pictures I m surprised how easy it actually is Recommend for people who want to try a new craft or create something beautiful for your home I veust started macrame and was looking for a book for a beginer This book is brilliant It has everything I need from basic knots to putting them together and how to read knot patterns Lots of different knot patterns and lastly things to make Everything I need This book will be a valuable asset to anyone wanting to develop their own macram projects rather like a 1000 stitches for knitters collection I purchased it as an idea book something to provide a creative boost The diagrams are very well done and eliminate any confusion Regarding The Travel Of the travel of given working cord For those new to macram I would suggest tying a sampler of half a dozen meshes in order to get a feel for the craft I knew how to do Macram in the past but wanted a book as a refresher as well as some current patt. Tocomplicated and complex designs but the clear diagrams make it a cinch to follow along This invaluable guidebook covers the different types of threads or cords available and shows a range of clasps and other findings and beads to use in your knotwork It also includes. ,
Macrame Pattern Book: Includes Over 70 Knots and Small Repeat Patterns Plus Projects