Love Lives by Carol Dyhouse

Love Lives by Carol DyhouseEnter for a chance to win one of 15 copies of "Love Lives: From Cinderella to Frozen" by social historian Carol Dyhouse - the story of how women's lives, loves, and dreams have been re-shaped since 1950, the year of Walt Disney's Cinderella and a time when teenage girls dreamed of marriage, Mr Right, and happy endings...

The book illuminates how women's expectations and emotional landscapes have shifted, asking bold questions about how women's lives have been transformed since 1950.

How have women's changing life experiences been mirrored in new expectations about marriage, intimacy, and family life?

How have new forms of independence through education and work, and greater control over childbearing, altered women's life ambitions?

And were feminists right to believe that sexual equality would improve relationships between men and women?


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A Million Things To Ask A Neuroscientist by Mike Tranter

A Million Things To Ask A Neuroscientist by Mike TranterEnter for your chance to win 1 of 20 signed First Edition copies of the most exciting and humorous books explaining how the brain works.

Just how much do we really understand about the pink mushy thing in our head?

A Million Things To Ask A Neuroscientist: the brain made easy - answers some of the most asked questions about the brain, making the science fun and accessible to everyone.

Inside, you will journey through some of the most interesting and strange things that our brain does every single day.

Have you always wanted to know just what a memory actually is, or why we dream? What is our consciousness? Why do some people seem to ‘click’ with others? And can our brain really multi-task? Does a genius have a different brain?

Together, we will explore some of the strange and mysterious things that our brain does, like how staring at your own reflection can turn your face into a dog, or how you can be blind, but still see.

It also guides you through some of the most cutting-edge research that is happening today and how it is going to change the future of the human race.

In the final chapter, some of the most promising women in science share their insights about the challenges they have faced, and their defining achievements, as they share their perspective of what makes them stand out as scientists.


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The Vines by Shelley Nolden

The Vines by Shelley NoldenEnter for a chance to win a beautiful hardcover copy of this highly anticipated historical fiction thriller!

In the shadows of New York City lies the abandoned, forbidden North Brother Island, where the remains of a shuttered hospital hide the haunting memories of century-old quarantines and human experiments. The ruins conceal the scarred and beautiful Cora, imprisoned there by contagions and the doctors who torment her. When Finn, a young urban explorer, arrives on the island and glimpses this enigmatic woman through the foliage, intrigue turns to obsession as he seeks to uncover her past--and his own family's dark secrets.

By unraveling these mysteries, will he be able to save Cora? Or will she meet the same tragic ending as the thousands who’ve already perished on the island?

THE VINES intertwines North Brother Island's horrific and elusive history with a captivating tale of love, betrayal, survival, and loss.

"THE VINES weaves beautiful writing around an unsettling mystery: Who is the strange, scarred woman living on a seemingly uninhabitable island? Shelley Nolden's debut seems not just prescient - given the world's current focus on virology and immunizations - but also timeless, as it illustrates in painful detail how mankind seems destined to repeat our cruelest mistakes. Luckily for us readers, there's a bright thread of hope running through this book - as well as the promise of a sequel."

— Sarah Pekkanen, #1 NYT bestselling co-author of YOU ARE NOT ALONE


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Bone Rattle by Marc Cameron

Bone Rattle by Marc CameronEnter for your chance to win a copy of Bone Rattle by Marc Cameron!

In Juneau, a young Native archeologist is sent to protect the ancient burial sites uncovered by an Alaskan gold mining company. He never returns.

In Anchorage, a female torso--minus head, hands, and feet--washes ashore near a jogging trail by the airport. It is not the first.

At Alaska's Fugitive Task Force, Arliss Cutter and deputy Lola Teariki are pulled from their duties and sent to a federal court in Juneau. Instead of tracking dangerous fugitives, Cutter and Lola will be keeping track of sequestered jurors in a high-profile trial. The case involves a massive drug conspiracy with ties to a mining company, a lobbyist, and two state senators. When a prosecuting attorney is murdered--and a reporter viciously attacked--Cutter realizes they're dealing with something much bigger, and darker, than a simple drug trial. The truth lies deep within the ancient sites and precious mines of this isolated land--and inside the cold hearts of those would kill to hide its secrets...


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Best Nerds Forever by James Patterson

Best Nerds Forever by James PattersonThis heartwarming ghost story from #1 bestselling author James Patterson is destined to become a modern classic.

Enter this giveaway for a chance to win one of ten copies of BEST NERDS FOREVER!

Finn McAllister is a completely normal middle schooler: he hangs out with his friends, he plays video games, he rides his bike… And then he dies.

Now Finn is a ghost, with all the perks that come along with being able to walk through walls–and people! He can stay up as late as he wants, there’s no more school, and he can eat every ice cream flavor without getting sick. Talk about awesome. He’s even made a new friend, Isabella Rojas, who’s also a ghost.

But soon the thrill of playing invisible tricks on people isn’t so fun anymore, as Finn realizes that he and Isabella can’t move on to the afterlife. Now the two must discover their unfinished business before it’s too late and they’re stuck as ghosts forever.


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